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Travis Scott and the deadly incident at Astrofest in Houston is a stark manifestation of neo-zombie culture. Zombies follow the dictate of doing stupid things at stupid places with stupid people. They also don’t register that bad things happen to stupid zombies. It seems to be a rapidly developing, programmed-cultural tendency.

Travis Scott himself has no real attractiveness or musical appeal other than a certain impulsive and strange demonic spirit of wanting to control people to do stupid and unseemly things.
Another manifestation of this disaster was the Lugenpresse distracting to somehow make it about “conspiracy theorists” and obvious observations, namely that the show was demonic or satanic in tone. Here’s a long string of headlines that look right off of a gaslighting script. What are they hiding now?

This entire operation, including the Lugenpresse coverage, is the end of the line for entering full-blown clown world.
In contrast, I admit to being a Rammstein fan, especially in concert. They are definitely an edgy European band. The following video shows a high energy performance in Nimes, France, and illustrates the stark contrast between Scott and real professionalism.

Note the lead singer Till Lindemann acts as a conductor and eyeballs and directs the audience. Often it is sing and dance along. There is no crowd abuse or insults. Instead, there’s repore and interaction. Rammstein plays the crowd like a violin, and the mostly white European crowd knows how to lay it down, too. This is fun stuff!

Most Rammstein performances are in Europe where the crowd behaviors aren’t as zombified, stupid and dinduized as was seen at Astrofest and Travis Scott’s shitstorms. The way things are going, this Rammstein Ich Will set may now be the good ol’ days.



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