Various Kiwifarmers #sexist #transphobia

(Xanax and Wine)

Looking for troon bullshit on Reddit is so difficult. Must have taken me a literal 10 seconds on search to find this example of a true honest to god man.


Ah yes the... very male urge to be pregnant and being worshipped and coddled by your strong protector. I bet the guys really struggle with that one once they hit their prime age for babymaking. Must be hard :(

Always funny when the biological reality of being a woman and experiencing baby rabies completely stomps on these gender delusions


I don't "look" female, but I'll always be MTF transgender. There is more than one way.


You mean the other way of still hating what you've done to yourself every single time you look in the mirror, all of it for a fetish?

NGL I hope some mad doctor starts offering uterus implants for trannies. The more of them tear themselves apart in pursuit of their coomdreams the better.

They're already claiming this is happening, the uterus transplants. Recently, there's an insane black troon claiming to have had one and birthed a kid. He was mentioned here a bit but just screams of absolute schizo.


So is the artist saying that trannies are just incels who transition so they can get laid or have female friendships? Not very wholesome


Nash Romi had to re edit a comic because it wasn't progressive enough and whitewashed a black baby in her own comic, lol

I do like the casual admission they're fucking perverts.

Ridiculous that they gave him female hips/pelvis in the last panel. Did he exchange skeletons at the shop too?
All transwomen are built like a fridge because you can't change your bone structure. It's like saying glasses change your eye colour if you want them to.

I swear all pro trans content is.. breathtakingly stupid. I won't give them the benefit of the doubt to cite delusion. Just idiocy. Fantastic they all vote.



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