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Thanks to SB 1029—filed by Republican state Sen. Bob Hall of Texas, who has a history of outrageous beliefs—there’s a considerable chance almost all forms of safe and age-appropriate gender-affirming health care will be made illegal in the state. And that includes trans adults. In fact, it not only covers both youth and adults but even nonsurgical treatments. The legislation also seeks to allow medical malpractice lawsuits for life against providers and insurers who cover gender-affirming care.

For emphasis: This anti-trans health care bill isn't seeking to only bar youth from safe, age-appropriate health care. It’s seeking to stop adults from accessing it, too.

The bill argues that these procedures are not in the “best interest of the health of the patient” but instead are being offered for the “monetary gain” of “health care facilities.”

The bill seeks to ban public funding for any and all gender modifications, including vasectomies, hysterectomies, and castration. It also seeks to limit puberty blockers and hormones used to “affirm the patient’s perception of the patient’s sex.” (Meaning: Such care would still be available for folks born intersex, for example.)

In terms of possible malpractice claims, the bill seeks to establish providers as liable, including for the patient’s medical, pharmaceutical, and mental health costs post-procedure. This bit isn’t the most eye-catching, admittedly, but it’s deeply concerning because of the possible fallout. It’s hard to find safe and affordable gender-affirming care as it is. If physicians are worried about such a wide-ranging and lifelong liability, it’s entirely possible folks will just ... stop offering it.



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