YourSisterWasRaped #psycho

[image of extreme animal torture]

I'm the kind of person who laughs at stuff like this. I for some reason, I feel absolutely nothing for animals (2edgy4me, I know), and I've never came up with a reason why torture and killing of animals is morally wrong.

All I see here is people wishing for death of, and insulting, people who, in my eyes, have done nothing wrong. Makes me feel sad.

Wow, that's just.... fucking sick, give your head a good shake and wake the fuck up.

You know next to nothing about me, and yet you tell my that I am sick!? How do you know this? How can you know this? Feeling nothing for animals isn't something I hide from anyone, but no one in my life calls me sick, even if they bitterly disagree.

People who've known me for my whole life don't think I'm sick. My animal loving friends and family don't think I'm sick for thinking this, because they know me, and they know I'm not sick. And most of all, I know that I'm not sick.

So, please, explain to me why you know better than everyone else. It's not that I don't know why you think I'm sick, I just want you to go ahead and try and sound reasonable while arguing about with me. You wouldn't make such bold claims that you can't back up? Would you?
I have no empathy for animals.
This only applies to non-humans, though. When it comes to my own species, my range of emotions is just as wide and deep as any normal person.




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