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Tens of thousands on the streets of Serbia to defend traditional family values, of course the mainstream media aren't interested in reporting that.

@TommyRobinsonOfficial While the people of Serbia are out defending family values - there are people here in America out protesting because they can't abort their babies and to Hell with family values. Speaks for itself.

@TommyRobinsonOfficial Thank you Serbia 🇷🇸 for leading the world in opposing a gross perversion ruining children’s lives and the unit of every society! The Nuclear Family! Go Serbia 🙏God Bless!

@TommyRobinsonOfficial Meanwhile in the UK, the English are doing everything they can to celebrate homosexuality, while being massively below fertility replacement levels.

@Framke_ @TommyRobinsonOfficial While they ignore the health hazards of homosexuality.

@Framke_ @TommyRobinsonOfficial Levels that could be reversed over night if we stopped offering over 190'000 of our children to the fires of Molech every year in England and wales alone within our abortion clinics, and then respect and promote procreative marriage rather than their sterile same-sex unions.

@TommyRobinsonOfficial Of course the (((mainstream media))) will not report it. The goal of (((Marxism))) is the destruction of ALL nation states.

@TommyRobinsonOfficial sad when foreign nations march for traditional values that made America great while we have rainbow parades and teach white hatred.



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