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The fact is the answer as to whether Biden et al are under alien control is YES….The CABAL is at root under alien if not AI control because they are satanists. And satanism of course is a Reptilian pasttime and has been seen at the highest reaches strangely to be AI run… how that works seems insane. Why would even an Alien intelligence use an AI to promote blood lust within a species? Perhaps simply to continue to promote a TOP DOWN power over others consciousness that must, at its root require the dominant culture to feed on its minions… a PARASITIC RELATIONSHIP which ultimately results in the entity feeding off itself… Which must weaken the overall genome in the end. Snake eating its own tail one of the illuminati’s favorite symbols.


I have a theory on what’s up with General Fynn… Simon is saying that Trump offered him a higher post in what’s coming… I think Flynn MIGHT HAVE turned it down because it would require him to lead the military to do what Juan claims they can now do “legally” according to the Geneva convention… And I think Flynn turned him down… Maybe for family reasons and maybe for philosophical ones.. where he isn’t willing to cross that line afraid of the repercussions…

JUAN/JOHN says the military can NOW ACT TO TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY… SO WHAT’S THE DELAY? THEN HE SAYS THEY NEED 80% OF THE PEOPLE ON BOARD… I say that’s not realistic… even those supposed polls and “numbers” are likely skewed… it’s beyond absurd to wait on “numbers” so you don’t get a civil war. Either our military is COMPELLED TO ACT in the FACE OF A CLEAR ATTACK CALL IT DIGITAL ATTACK ALTHOUGH it has happened on a number of levels. It’s a question of conscience. Maybe they are waiting for Biden to take us into this “cuban missile crisis moment”. and then for TRUM P AND THE GENERALS TO STEP FORWARD AND TELL HIM TO fucking STAND DOWN… if so… hope it’s soon.



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