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[From "Old War Heroes teach a French Woman a Lesson in WWII History"]

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[i]World War II justified by former German soldiers[/i]

If only more Modern Men, particularly our German Men could feel and exhibit the virility that is even still existent in these Brave Old Men, who still possess the wisdom that used to be unchallenged and unparelled in Germany, including all manners of German thought
Men with virility and masculinity in them do not “speak in code”, that is an effeminate traits. These Men would not even have the time of day for it. Calling people “Red-pilled” or a “Chad”, such ridiculous language!
I have an overdue Entry on that topic alone which, I hope to get around to this fall, relating to the Dangers of becoming consumed with “Success”. The obsession with chasing success leads to bad morals in a given population, and this is of course most notable with the Americans

We only can insist that Germans all around the world rediscover their roots and reconnect with this German Spirit that our Ancestors had never had a debate nor second thought over

Listen to and Watch these Men, compared to what we have today in Germany…

A time when Women were also much more dainty and were not Men in the bodies of a female
This video serves as a great example, in ways that need not to be said, in just how much has been lost for Germany and Europe, and how apathetic the majority have been at resurrecting the past
In the next few years, the last remnants of the Greatest Germans will have disappeared, and all the stories of what they witnessed will also long be forgotten



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