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RE: Thoughts on the effects of Tims in wlw spaces

( dragonheart )
It's not just you, there is a specific comfortable energy and atmosphere when you're in a space of all women. Bringing a man into that space changes that atmosphere and you can literally feel the energy of the whole space change because of his presence.

I'm also extra on guard around TIMs in wlw spaces because I'm half-expecting them to cause some kind of problem for the sake of attention/oppression points which can ruin the vibes and make everyone uncomfortable. This has happened IRL a few times where they're sour that they aren't being treated in the same way as actual women and feel entitled to our time and attention.

( mathlover )
Of course all the women will be profoundly relieved when any TIMs, even one, are gone. Every interaction with him, everything anyone says that he might overhear, every effort to avoid being around him, all of it - is the anxiety and anger at being violated. Doesn't matter what he does or doesn't do. He is a predator. A fox in a henhouse is a predator even if it never touches any of the chickens; the fox doesn't belong there.

That man was getting off on the violation of a space he will never - can never - belong. One of the most frustrating things has to be that he would probably leave if every woman there completely ignored him and/or told him to gtfo because no one wanted him there.

( Lipsy )
The over-the-top entitlement complex, the aggressive hunting for somethingANYthing to be offended or even OUTRAGED by, and the neverending victimhood/grievance syndrome are all par for the course with these boyos, and absolutely everybody knows these things all too well by this point—especially Women, who just get used to walking on eggshells in the hope of not detonating the ticking time bomb of overdulged male rage. The chilling effect on good and/or relaxed vibes of all kinds is inevitable as a result; it's been conditioned nonstop for years now.


Too-bad-so-sad to Your friend if he's one of the 0.1% that the other 99.9% are constantly fucking everything up for, but, that's ultimately between him and the 99.9%.



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