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RE: Silly meme - but might explain why the movement has gained so much traction?



AOC is right there fueling the fire. This shit is going to shred her credibility. She's not going to be a major political force in her 40s and 50s.

If this is the hill the left wants to die on, the left will die. I always considered myself a leftist but this year I'll likely vote conservative for the first time in my entire life, because in my country they're the only ones against the self ID law.

I will be voting conservative in my country for the first time. They’ve done a little trans pandering but it was pretty meaningless and nothing compared to the liberals.

I'm quite lucky that in my country, Germany, the conservatives are not that anti woman in general, it is Merkels party after all.

I’m doing the same. I will not stand for gender indoctrination being forced by the state onto kids, or for sex offender’s rights being enshrined into law, or for women being legally stripped of our boundaries. Fuck any political party who stands for this utter garbage.

Some of the most vehement trans & non-binary TRAs I know are rich kids desperate for a narrative in which they get to be the poor oppressed victim.

I’ll never forget that Harvard freak out from a few years back over Halloween costumes. Literally the most privileged youth on planet earth acting like snivelling toddlers. Its not surprising that the same trust fund brats who cried over Halloween costumes are 100% on board with trans shit


A lot of high profile TIMs are also wealthy, so I'm honestly not thinking this is too far out of bounds for truth.

Jennifer Pritzker, Caitlin Jenner, Martine Rothblatt, the Wachowski 'Sisters'… yep. Plus they've got the backing of lots of drug companies and executives, and some other billionaire philanthropists too



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