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Serious if you missed out in college, you messed up your life

it makes it worse if you also missed out in HS. but missing out in HS can be fixed if you enjoy life in college. but if you enjoyed HS but missed out in college, or missed out in both, its over. if you missed out in college, its over. you fucked up your life.

and if you think it's easy making friends or finding a date after college youre fuckin wrong. i read articles about how its much harder finding a friend or a girlfriend after college. people in their mid-late 20s usually hangout with those they met in high school/college. and their relationships often are with someone they began dating in college. college is your last chance to make friends and lose your virginity and find a GF, if you miss out on all of it, you have zero chances left. and nobody goes to parties or festivals or clubs or other fun events after college. in fact, nobody goes out to places after college. once they get to their mid-20s they completely outgrow it. if you missed out in it in your teens/early 20s, it's over. you fucked up in life. time to rope afterward in minecraft.


"Results supported the hypothesis that the quantity of social interactions at age 20, and the quality of social interactions at age 30 predict midlife psychosocial outcomes. Age-20 interaction quantity had a direct, unmediated effect on age-50 social and psychological outcomes. The effects of age-20 interaction quality on midlife outcomes were mediated by age-30 interaction quality. Our findings are consistent with the idea that selection and optimization serve important functions in early adulthood, and that engaging in developmentally appropriate social activity contributes to psychosocial adjustment in the decades that follow."



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