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RE: How do you view female sexuality?

I know that the view hat females are inherently sexual masochist is popular here, but I'm asking about orientation too. I don't think that there is such a thing as human sexuality at all, and I'm asking about woman's sexuality.

Most women are aroused by their partner's arousal and may not feel arousal on their own at all. Thinking of female sexuality as hetero/lesbian/bi is limiting, because women are somewhat sexually empty vessels. OTOH, women's sexuality is narcissistic, all about being a sex object. Most straight women seem uninterested in male bodies, obvious difference when you compare straight women to gay men. They are way more into the idea of themselves wearing sexy underwear while their man watches them. The fact that sexy attire for straight men doesn't even exist says a lot. I feel like most straight women are way more aroused by the perceived status of a man, that's why they will fuck some ugly old artists or petty criminals, they feel sexually attracted to the idea that high status male wants to fuck them.

Men desire. Women desire to be desired. This is what makes women so submissive too, because they genuinely get pleasure from giving pleasure. Men simply get pleasure. Men's sexuality is simple and straightforward, even with the power- and pedo-complexes. I think this is also why obsessive fetishes are rare in women, because it would require sexuality that is satisfied without another person.

Of course there are exceptions among straight women. I am one and it's one of the biggest reasons why I ended up being blackpilled. I feel like I was born without the submissive and self-objectifying programming other het women have. I assume it's some biological thing. I think true 100% lesbians are usually pretty "masculinized". I feel like there is a connection between being sexually submissive, attracted to stronger dominant partners, and being feminine and male-attracted. Most straight women, feminine bi-women and femme gay men all fall to this category.



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