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[From “Myanmar: Military Arrests Democracy Leaders, Tells Them Playtime is Over”]

Honestly, I’m a registered Asian expert and confirmed gook-lover, but I don’t fully know the ins and outs of Myanmar.

I know the basic story, a lot better than most do I’m sure, but I’m not going to get up here and claim to be an expert on something that I’m not an expert in.[…]
Basically, Asians are not very confrontation inclined, whilst being extremely patriarchy inclined, so the military peacefully takes over countries on a usual basis. Because all a “coup” entails is the military walking into the democracy office and telling them it’s time to wrap it up.
Obviously, the West has been trying to force this democracy system on everyone, but Asians just don’t care. The only successful democracy in Southeast Asia is the Philippines, which is also the poorest and has the highest crime rate (both those things by a lot).

Basically, the military was still running Burma, and this whole democracy thing was a farce.[…]the Constitution says the military had a right to take over the country at any time. Daw Suu was out there doing her bit as the Western-backed democracy figure – and pulling in the Western aid dollars – then the military decided to run all the Moslems out of the country, back to Bangladesh.

So, Suu had to get up there and defend the actions of the military[…]If there were no aid programs, then there was not a reason to put on this show of a democracy. That’s my guess. No one actually knows.
What we can take away from this is that democracy is a failed system, and countries where people still have self-respect understand that.



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