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@NatureAndRace The more I read Mein Kampf, the more I see Hitler in such a different light. He was, literally, facing demonic forces. One cannot face Satan by turning the other cheek. I was raised Christian, but I am 100% convinced that it will be the White Christians who mostly be to blame for White biological extinction because they have delusions that someone other than themselves are going to save us, they have delusions that "turning the other cheek" is going to be effective against these demonic Jews, and White Christians have delusions that "compassion" and "brotherly love" towards Blacks is more important than protecting and preserving a future for their own White children, for the White race. If some White leader doesn't step up in the very near future to lead the White people out of this demonic Jewry that has a vise on us, I cannot see how White people can avoid perishing.

I describe the White situation in an analogy: it's like White people are scattered both in boats in the ocean, all of which have holes in them, and White people on shore. The Whites on shore are helping the Blacks on shore, thinking the Blacks care for Whites, so the Whites on shore are doing everything to promote "love and compassion" for Blacks. because "it's racism not to!!"

The Whites on the boats that have holes in them, are divided. Some Whites know that in order to save the White race, they have to stay in the boats, seal up the holes, and stay with the other Whites in boats; however, many Whites in the boats are saying "No, we must have compassion for the Blacks on shore! It is wrong to hate other races! We must do everything we can for Blacks' survival and long-term survival" Mind you, these Whites are all on sinking ships among their own, so they are committing racial suicide by refusing to help themselves and, instead, helping Blacks who are ON SOLID GROUND.

Meanwhile, pigeons with messages from Jews about "Black Lives Matter" and "Don't be racist!" are constantly and abundantly being sent to the Whites in the boats. And constant Hollywood stars, movies, tv shows, advertisements are being viewed by Whites on the shore with anti-White messages, and Black-White men/women interracial marriage scenes.



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