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Blacks, as we know, are far more likely to commit crime, especially violent crime, murder and rape. Add to this their exceptional stupidity, and you now have before you the perfect group of people useful as a tool. Perpetually suffering, agitated and easily manipulated, the 2% tribe are using these animals as a means to strip WHITES of OUR rights. Don’t you see this?

When Fentanyl Floyd overdosed and died, one and only ONE thing made it into something it wasn’t (newsworthy), the MEDIA. The media, which is unquestionably, irrefutably owned, controlled and dominated by tribal interests, write the script for the black narrative, and they play them like the worthless animals they are, whipping them into violent frenzy with a single “news” story. In turn this creates a “defund the police” movement, which, after the apes, as expected, spike their crime rates through the roof, leads to a call for INCREASED POLICE FUNDING...

So we’re going to become a police state, eventually surrendering all rights, all at the hands of the tribe and their violent, worthless pets.



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