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TRA ("tell the rad fems") vs. Ally ("don't tell the rad fems")

( [Deleted] )
Why are some GC people so adamant to have "pet transes" to show around like a circus pony? And of course AGP-in-chief here is not gonna say no to free attention, that's a AGPs bread and butter after all.

No other movement does that shit either. Pro gay people don't have a pet homophobe to prove they're not hateful against homophobes, the trans don't have pet GC people etc etc.

Why should we only be able to fight for our human rights by supporting a pet trans in womanface????

( crodish )
It's part of the process to peaking I think. I mean there really are some women who absolutely shut it down right away and that's admirable, but I always wanted to compromise and be nice and kind of be like, "see, I don't hate them! We agree! Why can't we all get along?" Female socialization and trying really hard not to be the bad guy, basically, and also not thinking deeply about it enough. Transwidows Voices really opened my eyes to realizing there is absolutely no middle ground and no compromise, not when there's unseen women getting hurt by these men all the time.

When these "allies" demand special exceptions for themselves because they said all the right things, they've effectively become hypocrites. I won't ally with hypocrites. Walk the talk.

( [Deleted] )
You're right female socialisation is one hell of a drug! I remember firmly thinking that calling them men is mean 🤡 however most GC is see pushing these pet transes are men...

( crodish )
Took me about 4 years to peak from "true trans" and preferred pronouns. Just keep shouting, I guess. I learnt from women constantly telling me how wrong I was lol

( butchplease )
And to think I once allied with and defended this pervert.

( Turtlefuzz )
I did also. I'm willing to give most people a chance to prove themselves, whether it's that they're a good person or bad. Once I saw what he said, in his own words, I was convinced he isn't any different than other AGPs; he's just better at deflection.

( butchplease )
Yes. I bet he gets off on being radfem women's token gendercock.



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