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[Hypocrisy] I have never known of a Chad convicted of rape, have you?

Ted Bundy and the other Hispanic guy, I forgot his name, don't count cause they got jail time for murdering foids. Whether they rape them or not, that's not the case, their main crime was killing them. But do you know of any good looking guy who was put in jail for rape? The truth is that Chads do rape, but mostly they rape their girlfriends and they like it. It's not rape if Chad does it.


convincted no, but I see accusations all the time

rape = chad pumped and dumped me and I want revenge


Excerpt from 'The Dictionary of Foidspeak'

Rape (verb) - 1) Sexual intercourse while intoxicated or under the influence, and the following morning the woman discovers that he's not as attractive as she thought when she met him last night 2) When a woman engages in sexual intercourse with a beta husband when she was not really in the mood 3) When a woman takes part in a last minute hook up, especially when married or in a long term relationship, and is discovered



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