Donald J Trump & various commenters #wingnut #racist

( Donald J Trump )
Mother’s and families of victims of Violent Crime, which is breaking all Records in NYC, are furious that the criminals who killed their loved ones haven’t been given a trial in many years, while millions of dollars, & years of work, has been spent on a ridiculous Fringe Benefits Case, the likes of which has never been prosecuted before in our County’s history. It is a continuation of the greatest Witch Hunt of all time. The D.A.s Office should focus on Murders & Violent Crime, not "Bullshit!”

( @brextremist )
@realdonaldtrump Aren't you the former president who passed the "First Step Act", which released thousands of dangerous nigger criminals back into the community? Shut the fuck up about pretending to care about violent crime.

( @CrimePays1985 )
@brextremist @realdonaldtrump He’s compromised like the rest The left and the right are one in the same They all belong to the same club and answer to the same master

( @rmckenna33 )
@realdonaldtrump and who lives in, and runs NYC?? the jew, that's who.... #WakeUpAmerica

( @FairlyHonestFrank )
@realdonaldtrump I’m furious that you refuse to mention Whites or acknowledge us in any meaningful way. I’m furious that you abandoned us on Jan 6th. I’m furious that you care about Israel more than White America. Eat a bag of shit ZionDon

( @j_floresmc89 )
@FairlyHonestFrank @realdonaldtrump Not everyone is perfect but loved some of his policies but he's white and cares about white too

( @McGraine )
@realdonaldtrump It is all going exactly as planned by the Jewish Elite many decades ago. When citizens begin crying out for police, the Elites will push a national police force, and America will get a Soviet style NKVD secret police that will make our present, compromised, FBI look like babysitters.

( @Weosys )
@realdonaldtrump how about you come out against the covid vaccines that are killing people and help the J6 prisoners.

( @bobjones13 )
@realdonaldtrump Maybe you shouldn't have hired a bunch of corrupt Jews and RINOs to work for you and you could have done something about it.



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