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Incel to Tranny pipeline fully theorized in detail - (MANLETS, PORN ADDICTS GTFIH!), (i cried making this thread) (NOFAP IS NOT COPE GTFIH!)

Inb4 dnrd, Porn is a homosexual conversion device that has been designed to turn incels gay and create more trannies

You watch Lesbian porn, then PIV porn, then Oral sex porn. Eventually you get bored. You find new genres to fap off to, maybe MILF, Cuckoldry, BBC or Step sister. Then comes danger, you stumble across gay porn. Now trannies are looking more and more like real women and you find yourself watching femboy or twink porn. Bit by bit, you watch regular gay porn. Most likely being an incel, you imagine yourself fucking another man, then once that becomes too much you start fantasizing about being fucked by another man.

The porn industry has successfully feminized you. Now you are Low T soy boy and this is where many ex-incels finish their journey on this pipeline. They transition and become female.

From Softcore pornography -> to now being rimmed by another man. This is the true danger of porn, if you want to see the damage then the next time you are at school or work, stare at the most attractive women you see for a minute. If you cannot at the minimum get a semi erect penis, it is over.

Men should be rock hard when aroused by a foid, I know during puberty most of you had spontaneous erections because of the surge in testosterone. What if I told you this should be the norm at all times.

Now factor in that 30% of all young men are virgins, with the number still rising. Inceldom is on the rise for a reason, everything is becoming unequal. Despite the fact that productivity has been rising, wages are now stagnant and it is becoming harder and harder to live as "average". Inceldom is a socioeconomic problem and it it going to get worse.



The only way to escape this pipeline is to either lose virginity or to get on Nofap.

For porn addicts reading this, you are not what you watch. I am not a gay furry and neither are you. I still struggle with it even after ascension.



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