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It’s true that these are correlated, but so are electric cars and snowboards with low fertility. Female education and universal healthcare are proxies for stable societies. Stable societies only occur through concerted effort by citizens to improve their country in line with conducive values. Africa will never be a stable continent. Bribery is the de facto standard. It’s not even considered immoral. It’s expected. In fact, you’re committing a social faux pas if you don’t give a “gift.” Corruption and nepotism are the standard. Again, it’s built into the value sets of most African nations and citizens. It’s a good thing. This is why nation building doesn’t work in Africa.

On a practical level, it would require social and cultural engineering on an impossible scale. Throwing money and food and medical services and supplies at the problem isn’t working. It’s making it worse. Nigeria is growing by five million every single year. A country which doesn’t even have basic water and sewage infrastructure to most of its citizens. Even if the premise were correct that education would fix this, there’s just no realistic way to educate another five million kids per year in Nigeria alone - in addition to the existing tens of millions. Throw in the current woke environment - “how dare Western standards of education are forced on poor African children” - and this is an impossible problem to fix.

I’ve lost hope. At this stage I’m accepting reality. It’s time to get out of Africa and let them run their countries as they like. We need to secure our borders because there are enormous issues looming in Africa, and it’s a only a matter of years until the next famine, then the next, then the next.



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