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The speed of light is 299,792,458 meters per second.

The exact latitude of the Great Pyramid of Giza is 29.9792458°N.

The Pleiades were one of the constellations that could be clearly viewed from a certain place at a very specific time. This is because We chose to come and assist in the building of the Great Pyramids.

Our people are superb with Magic and with great architecture. This is well known even now. We arrived and set up many meetings to plan a place where all civilizations from the galaxies could come and communicate in a peaceful manner.

We set up huge round crystals that remain there until this day. We moved them by intention. Not by muscle. We knew these would be great transmitters to the crafts that entered the space above. Much like you might think of an airport today. This was the place!

We crafted the Pyramids as well as the Sphinx. There are many temples that remain and some have crumbled. Some were destroyed by water. This can be seen on many ancient rocks and boulders.

Humans have always wondered how the massive structures were made. It is not possible for the human understanding to comprehend. So We use magic as a word that you do understand. We think into existence what We wish to have.

Many boats and ships came from faraway to experience our technology. To marvel at our columns from solid granite. Some of the great temples and the Great Pyramids contain chambers of harmonics. We produced tones, colors and lights to communicate with home as well as incoming crafts. This was an actual learned communication by the races from galaxies that chose to participate.

Beautiful pottery and vases were crafted by Pleiadians, Arcturians as well as groups you have still never heard about. We had peace for a long time. There is so much history of the Earth that the Pleiadians assisted in creating.

When we left there were cycles of change. Much destruction and rebuilding. We have returned many times and We prefer to remain together as Guides, Loves and Family.



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