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Incel Meetup in North Korea 2021/2022

Why North Korea?

It's a comfy isolated country where we will be treated like kings by our qt North Korean milf tour guides... think about it... chilling in a North Korean bar drinking NK beers on a nice evening with our QT tour guides just chilling, nobody to judge us since there's nobody around and we can't be infiltrated by normies since the effort to come to NK will be too much... plus it'll be pretty funny.

B-but rope2cope how much will it cost?

Well, I was thinking we could book this one... it's a Bicycle tour around Nork's capital and will cost:

Price : €495 / €595

3 or 4 nights.

I'm thinking the 500 euro for 3 nights of Brocel bonding on bikes and getting a guided around by a qt Nork is lifefuel and will be fun.

This could be us chilling while Nork bar singers dance their little Nork asses away to impress us. Con 2021 in North Korea will happen, even if I make the trip solo... I guess an Incel convention with just 1 attendee will be somewhat poetic if you think about it.

Think about it brocels, live a little.

Please post interest here.

Also maybe we can cozy up to the NK government and be allowed to NEETmaxx there, non-autisticcels could get a job teaching Engrish to Nork universities and schools and we can live in the Supreme Leaders Paradise unmolested and get state sanctioned gf.



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