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There’s only one state actor who could have successfully pulled off the
“Moscow Massacre”.
Just like the barbaric JFK assassination, the
Moscow Massacre conspiracy theories are
flying in every direction because it’s the very
same assassin who is responsible for both highly sophisticated terror operations marked by their
extreme brazenness and savagery:


Take note of the very telling data point that the highly sophisticated and well-planned Moscow Massacre was carried out on Friday, March 22, 2024, the day before Jews around the world celebrate Purim as shown below.

It’s entirely true that only Israel could have and would have pulled off this hideous mass murder at such a major venue in Moscow because of the vast spy network that MOSSAD has throughout Russia. As soon as President Putin hosted that meeting with the Palestinian factions (see CNN screenshot above), Israel knew that the Kremlin was taking a much more assertive approach toward the transparent Gaza genocide. And the Netanyahu regime simply would not tolerate that, especially in light of Russia’s recent votes on related UN Security Council resolutions.
How’s that for a classic Khazarian clusterf*ck, all designed to keep
Zionist Israel completely out of the line-up while pointing the finger
at all the usual suspects as well as others who were conveniently
‘positioned’ at the crime scene?!

Bottom Line: What really happened here is that Israel used Russia’s enemies to declare war on the Russian Federation (via this terrorist attack) with the hope that the Kremlin would reciprocate by launching an attack which would draw NATO into a full-blown regional conflict. The Khazarian Cabal is the world’s expert at triggering world wars and other major armed conflicts practically at will.



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