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So far it’s been the American State National that has claimed they are the only ones that are the true Sovereign People in America, but what about us others?

By the way, you cannot be a Sovereign Citizen or Person as they are actually property of the government, a slave, thus that is a catch-22, therefore you are people.

When will it be truly recognized that we are Sovereign People; when NESARA is publicly announced, when the governors make a declaration, when Trump comes on board as the true President of the Republic or when we get documentation from the DMV with our names no longer in all capital letters? And when will all these private businesses and government agencies be required to recognize us as Sovereign People?

Will cops still be stopping people and asking for an ID or driver’s license to just make an arrest as they will not be following the Republic Common Law rules of the day? Since it will take time for the Department of Motor Vehicles in each state to transtition over to the Sovereign names in their databases and print out proper ID’s and driver’s licenses for everyone not everyone would have documentation to being Sovereign.
If it is not as easy as some people may think as we will all be Sovereign People once the word is given by Trump then it may take years for everyone to file documentation for this change. But when it was the other way around it was just a Congressional Law that changed it for us with the states ratifying it and was established as the Fourteenth Amendment in 1868 for us to become US citizens, yet in the Republic we are coming back to it does not include any Amendment after 1861.

I would just like to know if the DMV does not have my Sovereign ID just per us being a Republic then what will I truly be? Answers should be given out to the people and not just rumors going around on the internet when many people don’t even bother looking for this kind of stuff or will believe it.



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