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Canis Vulpes:
It isn't your place to comment on how "Christian" another Christian is.

By scripture yes it is. We Christians are to let our brothers and sisters in Christ know if they’re sinning against God/Jesus.

Canis Vulpes:
And if they do the same against you, and undoubtedly see things they consider wrong and unbiblical, what are we left with? A bunch of Christian groups playing No True Scotsman and pointing fingers at each other. No wonder Christianity is not taken seriously by so many people. You guys can't even unite and get your act together.
Atheists don't seem to bother with this place, but more reasonable liberal-minded Christians probably take issue with your nazi-like posturings.

Most liberal-minded Christians will probably go to hell with all of the nonbelievers.
Like there’s no such thing as a married homosexual Christian. They don’t exist to God/Jesus in any form.

Canis Vulpes:
Why do I just imagine you rubbing your hands together with glee at the idea?
This is just a paranoid revenge fantasy for you. Anyone who dares believe differently gets punished for eternity. That's sick, man.



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