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History doesn’t change to fit our wishes. We wish whites hadn’t imported blacks as slaves and had not changed immigration policy in 1965. However, in a multiracial society, history often isn’t about facts. It’s a weapon. A story about the past justifies current policy. When history doesn’t provide a suitably horrific example, invent one.

A white man tried to disarm a black man. A “shot rang out” and armed blacks and whites shot and killed each other. A white man may have been the initial aggressor, but it would be reasonable to assume that a black fired first.

Mr. Biden put it this way: “Seventy-five black men, including black veterans arrived to stand guard. Words were exchanged. Then a scuffle. Then a [sic] shots fired.”

Mr. Biden failed to mention that the blacks were armed, and note the passive language. Shots were “fired,” just as gunfire “erupts” in certain neighborhoods today.

If blacks had not showed up with guns and shots had not “been fired,” probably noting would have happened.

This was a pitched battle over territory, at the time called the “Tulsa Race War,” not a “massacre” of passive blacks.

Some kinds of hate don’t even have to hide. Just days before President Biden went to Tulsa, armed men and women wearing New Black Panther Party shirts marched through Tulsa’s streets on Saturday, vowing “justice. . . by any means necessary.”

Somehow the extremism expert missed this:

“We will kill everything White in sight.”

In today’s America, the racial double standard is the standard. There’s one official history. There’s one group anyone can attack without consequences. Yesterday’s event brought it all together. If you’re white, under this system, you’re not in the “protected category.”



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