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If White privilege were real you’d see more biracial people identifying as White.

@Halp Yea......didn't we have a black president who was really only 1/2 black? I have never seen anything but Black Privilege. But hey, that is my white humble opinion.

@Halp Ive always thought about this.....Its also funny as fuck when you see people who are maybe one shade darker than the average White person going out of their way to let you know theyre a "person of color"

@Halp This is a Marxist term, I thought the 20th century was spent fighting communism, why are these terms being used now?

@zee_man @Halp Because the communists won...

@Halp Never once has a mulatto checked the White box on a college application

@Halp exactly. Obummer the Kenyan Skidmark never claimed his white side there was no benefit or privilege in it. My white privilege has earned me Carpal Tunnel surgery in both hands and a bad back from all the hard work.

@Halp instead we see the reverse happening

@Halp White privilege is real though. Whites persons are on average considerable more intelligent. And of course better looing also. Its just based on genes, not identity. No amount of identifying will raise your IQ or make you more attractive.

@Halp I’d agree to an extent but considering they get their asses whipped by the brown family, I see why they choose that side. Had a friend in school whose entire black family called her zebra but she proudly displayed her ‘black’ keychain. Just so they didn’t beat her.



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