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RE: California District Administrator Calls for ‘Privileged White Voices’ to Be Banned From Influencing Ethnic Studies Curriculum


She also urged against changes that would include Jewish-American studies.

A pro-Palestinian advocate, Shoman said she wholeheartedly disagreed with the choice to include Jewish people in ethic studies under the Asian American and Pacific Islander categories.

‘This is grossly inaccurate, and has no institutional history,’ she said.

American Jews love immigration for the U.S. but not for Israel.

It would appear from the article that immigrants have no love for Jews living in this country.

How they are affected has nothing to do with us whatsoever. We’re concerned about our own European kith and kin and the opinions and repercussions against these middle easterners is of no concern to us. I want nothing to do with either of them.

Notice how Nadler and Schumer immediately blamed US for the Chinese New Years shooting?

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‘The proposed revisions privileges terms like “multiple perspectives,” “diversity,” “all students” and “broad range of groups” undermining the primary focus on the BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, people of color) communities that compose over 80 percent of California’s student population,’ Shoman wrote in the email.

Well, my opinion is that if we do not have our voices, they should not have our tax money.

White supremacy generally refers to Europeans having power in their own countries which is of course bad to them.

The problem is that all white countries have an abundance of Magic Dirt. You move there, you automatically get rich. Non-white countries are full of Tragic Dirt. Move there and you become poor, dysfunctional, and a crime victim.

Whites are evil because they horde all the Magic Dirt.

The current curriculum is very anti-White. The new curriculum is only different in that it will add Jews to the officially oppressed groups about which students must feel guilt. I cannot imagine she is calling Jewish voices "privileged" (although they got the curriculum re-done) so what, exactly, is she whining about?



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