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Fascism? Where? What Fascism?

The “antifas” (“anti-fascists”) and the Left moan about “fascism” daily, but here’s the funny part: there isn’t any fascism in the West. Nope. Zero. None. In fact, the last time fascism was in the West was in Chile pre-1990 (contrast that fact with communism, which still exists in a half-dozen countries today, and some of those countries have nukes, e.g., China) [1]. So, fascism has not even existed in the West for 27 years! And Donald Trump? He is in no way a fascist. He was elected by the people of America in November 2016. Yelling about fascism is like yelling about the Easter Bunny or Bigfoot: it’s only a fantasy.

[Video mentioning a “fascist America”].
[1] under Pinochet; here, for simplicity, we’ll call Chile a Western country, meaning “significantly Westernized”; Chile has a strong connection to Spain

[Erik du Fresne]
The irony (of all ironies) is that the (so called) “leftists” (who are {in actuality} rabidly antiWhite, intimale, open borders, unlimited welfare offering, multiracial communists {as most cancerously exemplified by: Moochelle O’bomber and: Bill Clinton }) are (actually) the most fascist (so called) “Americans” of us all, as evidenced by:

– Hitlery (through her husband: Bill)s vicious destruction of David Koreshs “Branch Davidian” compound (and disciples) in Waco, Texas

– her (and Bills) savage detonation of cruise missiles on to the heads, homes, families and lives of the people of Serbia (a.k.a: Bosnia/Herzigovenia {in the “former” Yugoslavia})

et. cetera…

[The Red Skull ]
The anti facists are going to be really sorry when the Real Facists show up and
Eat them for lunch.



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