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RE: JFL Imagine being this delusional hahahhaahahahhahahaaahhahahahhaahhahaha

lmao how delusional can women be? Even someone on IT had to disagree with this post.


Foids have no idea how fragile is the pedestal in which their "rights and privileges" balances upon.

And how fleeting this whole "female liberation" is.

Western Civilization is at it's end, it has grown too degenerate, too weak, too corrupted by leftist/communist ideologies and politics.

Here in South America, just a few years ago, Venezuelan women had a very good life, in fact they had one of the highest "quality of life" levels on the continent.

Government programs covered them completely, tax payers paid for their every need, the legal system was completely rigged in their favor.

Then, the socialist paradise became a hellhole.

Now those same women are eating rotten dog carcasses from trashcans to not starve.

They are prostituting themselves and their daughters for shelter, food, water, clothes, make up, alcohol, drugs and other menial things.

Foids are always 1 economic hardship away from becoming property again.

This is what women are capable of accomplishing without men:

The Venezuelan women selling their bodies to survive

Venezuela: Teenage Girls Turn to Prostitution to Fight Starvation

Ah, those articles are a little old, many parts of Venezuela are effectively in the stone age now. The situation is far worse today amid the whole covid fake virus bullshit.



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