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[From "Separate Website Exposing Subversive Frauds in Music Subcultures and Explaining Music History to be Launched"]

In witnessing a lot of divisions and breakdowns of society[…]I have decided that we will be launching a separate website to discuss matters relating to Music and Subcultures, along with Subversive themes along the lines of their history but especially with the themes that have overtaken them today and have distorted their original form

It will focus a lot on the subcultures related to Goth, Punk and Metalhead and related scenes

I want to keep this topic separate from this website, especially because it is also more based on American problems within these Subcultures and I cannot exactly vouch for any bleeding of the degeneracy that may be spilling over into either the German, UK or European Scene in general.

From what I understand in Germany, the scene is still thriving and generally good and I still find a lot of Great New Music acts and everything which come out of the Fatherland

But if any social issues which I report in the American Music scene exist in any form whatsoever in the European Countries, we would be so grateful to hear anyone’s feedback on this, but I will still always believe the American one is the worst[…]
The website we will launch will focus on history and other attributes behind the American Music Scene, especially in how the Jews and Ulster Scots completely have a monopoly on Rock ‘N’ Roll and its development[…]It will discuss how degeneracy has been even much more of a problem with the American scene compared to Europe and even the UK at that[…]
It also gets hard to discuss this topic without bringing up the Jewish Problem and even the reason why the Nazis suppressed Jazz [rightfully so][…]



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