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Watching the news on TV used to make me angry enough, but lately I’ve had to avoid it nearly altogether. The constant banging of war drums. The blatant propaganda. The disgusting warmongering. It’s too much to take.
Congress and our politicians continue to shovel heaps of praise upon Ukrainian President Zelensky, who has been hard at work trying to get more support for his war against Russia. America has approved $13.6 billion to help Ukraine protect its borders. Remember when Congress didn’t want to give Trump a few million bucks to fund the wall at our own southern border? Why are our politicians so eager to help out a country that has traditionally been under Russian influence? Because Ukraine is a huge money laundering operation and feeding trough for them. It’s a way of rewarding the New World Order foot soldiers. Ukraine is known as one of the most corrupt countries on Earth. Ukraine is not a democracy and Zelensky is no heroic angel fighting for freedom. Expect the billions of dollars in taxpayer money to be siphoned off by his cronies as well as the children of our own corrupt politicians.

(His rant gets crazier from here, going on about Biden being a pedo and vaccines being a plot to kill everyone, but the quote is long enough.)



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