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Why can't we talk about any of the sudden deaths?, by @stkirsch Why can't we talk about any of the sudden deaths? The Director of Parliamentary affairs at Health Canada during the pandemic DEAD at 35! He lead the team of Canada's response to COVID. Why do they keep this silent?

( @dmscranton )
@stkirsch Because the government is still pushing the vaccine requiring children to be vaccinated before starting school. Killing off the US citizens while allowing millions of unvaccinated illegals to cross the border and not forcing them to be vaccinated. Kind of obvious.

( @TheWolf33 )
Jesus they've renamed 'MURDER' "SDS".. SUDDEN DEATH SYNDROME. How easy was that..🤔🥺

( @Truthfullyconcerned )
@stkirsch Hmmm. Dead men can't talk? Is that why so many doctors are passing away. When you side with the devil, eventually you get silenced permanently.

( @buybuydandavis )

Because while they've started to rub our noses in our subjection, they haven't quite reached the point where they feel free to rub our noses in their mass murder.
But it's coming.
The purpose of most of their Big Lies is to inflict humiliation and demoralization over our powerlessness to stop their Big Lies. How much better it is when they can with impunity inflict that humiliation and demoralization with the truth!



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