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[From "New Video: The absurdity of “Non-Germans” Demanding to be Recognized as “Germans”"]

What's the hardest part of life in Germany?

Asians wanting to be recognized as “Germans”. Something that could only be concocted from the Liberal Ideology, since no natural person even born in the Orient would ever even think to be considered “German” when they are Asian

Imagine us Germans going to China, Japan or Korea and telling them we really are of their ethnicities, it just so happens to be that we are from “Germany”

Also as typical outside of Germany, many people even among other White Nations are ignorant to think Red Hair is a native feature of Germanics, when it is not. That’s why red-headed Germans are rare, it is not native to our bloodline except in territories where Celtic settlements existed prior or along-side Germanic Tribes[…]
Freckles, Red Hair and Ultra Pale Skin [Pinkish skin] are Celtic/Jewish Trait, not Nordic ones

This video makes me sick and is nauseating, and any German that still has semblance of honor and despises what is taking place in the Vaterland also would naturally have this same reflex[…]
The Hispanics in the video also illustrate exactly how different Barbarian Peoples are about “follow rules”, compared to how Germans behave[…]
In Purer Eras, these clowns would be viewed for who they truly are, especially as the video thumbnail, such a person would be viewed as someone walking into a store trying to convince others that they are a Helicopter but nobody believes them



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