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( @Wanderers_Choice )
Palestine will be free from the river to the sea!

Yes I agree, now go kill the fucking jews that are there killing Palestinians. The jews bring the Arabs to White countries to kill White people. Go kill the jews if they're killing you in your country instead of coming to White countries and killing White people because from where I sit as a White man in a White country you are both the fucking enemy and I don't care about the arguments of how it is White people that support Israel when half the Brown world does too.

Fuck your excuses that fall perfectly inline with the Kalergi plan for people killing White men and trying to make it seem like I'm the jew.

( @tchrspet47 )
@Wanderers_Choice It's akshually funny that the Jews are huge importers of Arabs and Muslims to white countries and are now being bitten by their own pets. Maybe they're not as smart as they carry on about?



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