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In medical school, we were taught that viruses have some qualities of liv­ing things and some qualities of non-living things. This is absurd. Living things have a life force that makes them alive. That’s the definition of “living.”

In humans, it is the soul, which is rational and doesn’t perish. With other creatures, they’re either living (with a life force) or non-living, like a rock. A living thing can be a single-celled creature like an amoeba or a complex creature like a plant or a chicken or an elephant. They all have a life force that returns to the earth when they perish.

Non-living things have no self-activity in themselves. Yet, according to the medical establishment, viruses do things. They attach to a cell. They inject their genetic material and take over the machinery of the cell and then break forth to repeat the process on other cells. If they do things, they’re “living.” However, they have no physical struc­tures that are the signs of a living thing. They are supposedly just a snippet of genetic material in a protein capsule. Even a simple amoeba or a bacterium has parts that serve functions, allowing it to do things, even simple things like respire and take in nutrients and grow. They have things like a nucleus and mitochondria.

A virus has no real “parts” that give it any sign of being a living thing. There is no other such example in na­ture. Based on all this, they are both living and non-living, an absurdity. Therefore, they don’t exist. Any such particles observed are something else, not what the “doctors” tell us.



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