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For decades we’ve been told to put on sunscreen, wear sunglasses, and avoid the mid-day sun. But what if this advice is actually the OPPOSITE of what we should do? Matt Maruca, of Ra Optics, says we need to discard this paradigm and embrace the sun! He explains that sunlight is critical for optimal cellular function. He calls sunlight “the greatest multivitamin ever,” since each wavelength of the sun’s rays benefits the body.

On this podcast, Matt tells his story of how he got into exploring the benefits of the sun in the first place (hint: he suffered from headaches, allergies, gut issues, and more), and he dives into exactly how sunlight helps our bodies work optimally. He also describes his “Light Diet” and offers simple steps we can take to avoid junk light and soak up the sun.

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If the medical community were honest, it would be forced to admit that the model of disease that catapulted Pasteur to fame has played itself out and is pushing us to disability and death.

Here and there, scientists working within the mainstream framework recognize this. For example, researchers tackling the problem of multi-drug-resistant tuberculosis (TB) acknowledge that a wide variety of factors increases host susceptibility to TB and TB mortality, including “immune-dysregulation from any cause (including stress, poor living conditions, socioeconomic factors, micronutrient deficiencies, HIV), malnutrition, aberrant or excess host inflammatory response to infection, alcohol and substance abuse, co-morbidities with noncommunicable diseases such as diabetes, smoking, and chronic obstructive airways disease, [and] pneumoconiosis.” They suggest, therefore, that it is time to build on “the historical Pasteur-Bechamp debates on the role of the ‘microbe’ vs the ‘host internal milieu’ in disease causation” and invest in “host-directed therapies” (HDTs) that “alter the ‘host terrain’ in favor of the host.” Unfortunately, what HDTs mean to this group of researchers is. . .more pharmaceutical interventions. 41

Realistically, we cannot expect researchers who receive direct or indirect funding from the pharmaceutical industry to suggest commonsense steps for supporting or strengthening the immune system. If Béchamp were around today, chances are that his recommendations would be more sound, emphasizing basics such as high-quality nutrition and excellent sleep. At a deeper level, Cowan also reminds us that the quest for a life of “abundance, joy, and meaning” is equally important and sustaining to our health.

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What if outer space is not a void, but instead has substance, an “aether” that has healing properties that may be of tremendous benefit to us? Dr. James DeMeo makes a compelling case for this perspective based on his decades of research and the work of Dr. Wilhelm Reich. He explains how the energy heals, what we are doing that is compromising its protective properties and what we can do to tap into it to reap its benefits.

This is Episode 327 and our guest is Dr. James DeMeo. James earned his PhD in the field of Geography specializing in Earth and Atmospheric Science. He is the author or editor of nine books and around 100 published research papers. He brings to our attention this controversial opinion about space because it merits examination.

In this episode, James discusses the history of scientists like Nikola Tesla, who believed in a substance they referred to as ether and how this substance can be harnessed to improve our health and ways in which common modern technologies are limiting these healing benefits.

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In our book The Contagion Myth, WAPF vice president Tom Cowan, MD and I argue that there is no such thing as contagious disease—that is, disease transferred from a sick person to a well person via pathogenic bacteria or viruses. Disease results from nutrient deficiencies, poisons (including electro-magnetic poisons) and injury, and any microbe found associated with a disease is the result, not the cause of the illness.

But now that a large portion of the population has received an injection against Covid-19, we are hearing about a new kind of contagion—unvaccinated people getting sick after contact with vaccinated individuals. There are reports of menstrual irregularities, miscarriage, fatigue, rashes and strange bruising in the unvaccinated after close contact with the vaccinated.

One theory holds that the culprit is a spike protein, so called because of its arrowhead-like structure, which the body’s own cells make after getting the shot. In a December 8, 2020 letter to the FDA, Patrick Whalen, MD, PhD, of UCLA warned that the injection of spike protein into the blood could cause damage to the cardiovascular system, including clots and inflammation of the heart. The spike protein can also cross the blood-brain barrier and cause damage to the brain. Research has shown that those receiving the injection shed spike proteins in the feces and urine, and a Pfizer document admits that people can be environmentally exposed by inhalation or skin contact. Another theory posits that the RNA injected into people “broadcasts” contagion to others.

Whatever the explanation, what we are witnessing is a “vaccine” that transfers illness to others! The developers of this injection have figured out how to deliver and stabilize the RNA in the injection using the antifreeze PEG (called “lipid nanoparticles”), “viral” vectors and other compounds. Additional poisons added to the shot can make the recipients sick in a variety of ways. The “virus,” now blamed on Chinese scientists in Wuhan, is the cover. What irony—it’s not the unvaccinated who threaten the vaccinated as claimed, but the vaccinated who threaten the unvaccinated!

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Can we benefit from drinking seawater? Water expert Robert Slovak says “Yes!” Robert is a mechanical, aeronautical, and astronautical engineer best known for his decades of research, exploring a variety of waters: hydrogen-rich water, deuterium depleted water (DDW), and seawater.

Today, Robert focuses on seawater, a world-famous medicine, hidden in plain sight. For most of the twentieth century, seawater was considered a medicine. It was even imported and used to treat tuberculosis in children’s hospitals in the USA.

Robert makes a case for including seawater in our diets today, because of its mineral-rich composition, noting that it is the only aqueous solution that contains the entire periodic table! Robert explains how to get the therapeutic benefits: he covers the amount we should drink, and where it should be sourced.

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During WWII, I was a telegraphist in the New Zealand Navy. The radio waves were directed into our metal room, on a metal ship, where we did Morse code for hours on end. A lot of us got sick. I got pneumonia and the mumps, and many others got serious flu. Most interesting, we recognized that the Navy telegraph operators were prone to psychological problems— some anger and strange behavior in normally mild-mannered men. So if radio waves have this effect, imagine what 5G can do!

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We are sad to announce that our new book, The Contagion Myth, is banned on Amazon—sad for what has happened to American freedom of expression. But Amazon’s actions tell us that we have already struck a nerve and the powers that be do not want the paradigm-busting information in our book to circulate.

The disease called Covid-19 is not contagious and scientists have not properly isolated and purified a virus associated with the disease. The illness, characterized by lack of oxygen, widespread clotting, electrical or “fizzing” feelings, and degeneration of the lungs, fits the description of radiation poisoning from exposure to electromagnetic frequencies. The most likely culprit: microwave radiation from fifth generation wireless—5G. The Covid-19 illness has appeared following the deployment of 5G first in Wuhan, then in Europe and then in large cities in the United States.
In fact, while bacteria have received the blame for disease since the nineteenth century, the last two decades have witnessed a complete paradigm shift. Science has demonstrated that we live in symbiotic relationship with bacteria in the intestinal tract; bacteria help us digest our food, enhance the immune system, and also appear when necessary to clean up dead tissue. Bacteria only produce poisons under conditions of filth and lack of oxygen. Cowan and Fallon Morell argue that we will soon see a paradigm shift when it comes to viruses; that viruses are not harmful, but helpful exosomes that our cells produce to rid the body of poisons and make adjustments to new environmental threats, such as 5G millimeter wave radiation.

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As of March 4, the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting Sys­tem (VAERS) reported eleven hundred deaths linked to the Covid-19 vaccine in the U.S.—including deaths among the young and healthy. As only about 1 percent of all adverse events are reported to VAERS, that means that something like one hundred thousand Americans have died so far after their first or second Covid-19 injection. At this rate, there will be more deaths from the vaccine than those attributed to Covid-19. In Israel, where over half the population has received Pfizer’s experimental jab, death rates have skyrock­eted. According to a report posted at nakim.com, during the five-week vaccination period, about forty times more elderly people died from the injection than the disease itself would have killed, and about two hundred sixty times more people than the disease among the younger age groups. For those who survive, reported side effects are horrendous: paraly­sis, Bell’s palsy, twitching, seizures, brain fog, heart and circulatory problems including blood clots and palpitations, skin rashes, miscarriage and pulmonary effects including pneumonia. According to one Facebook post, the hospital in North Bay, Ontario has suddenly seen a massive increase in patients going to the emergency room after their Covid-19 injection. Many of them seem to be exhibiting mental health problems, saying they don’t know where they are or what is happening. “The vaccine appears to be attacking their minds as these poor souls are rapidly losing contact with reality.” Not to worry, says Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases; “Adverse reac­tions to any vaccine are to be expected.”

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(From an interview titled The Cost of Autism)

What we’re seeing now is the erosion. We’re on the verge of collapse of over 200-year-old democracy because the pharmaceutical industry has poisoned our entire political system. It has poisoned our elected officials, elections, the CDC, the FDA, NIH, EPA, all these regulatory agencies supposed to be protecting us. They’re all captured by industry. They all end up working for the industries that they’re supposed to be regulating and protecting us from. It’s a political problem. We’re on the verge of political collapse. It’s an economic problem as the costs of autism are catastrophic. In 2015, there was a good study on the cost of autism and said the cost of autism at that time was $268 billion a year in the United States.

They projected that by 2025, we’d be looking at $1 trillion a year in autism costs just in the US. I was curious about a point of reference and I thought to myself, “What’s the US Defense Department budget?” I went and looked that up. The US Defense Department’s budget is about $750 billion. $1 trillion a year in autism cost is greater than the US Defense Department cost, which is our largest single line item in the US budget. There’s no plan for how to pay for this. There’s no strategy for how to pay for the educational, housing, healthcare costs associated with autism, yet we’re looking at $1 trillion a year in cost by 2025. There’s a study that came out in 2020 that was talked about at the conference at NC State in North Carolina. They looked at the ten-year cost of autism in the US. They’re projecting $7 trillion in autism costs in the US over the period of 2020 to 2029. That’s a disaster unlike anything we’ve ever seen before.

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Originally published in German, Virus Mania first appeared in English in 2007. The authors, journalist Torsten Engelbrecht and doctor Claus Köhnlein, review the circumstances under which a number of “viruses”—the avian flu, cervical cancer (HPV), SARS, “mad cow” disease (BSE), hepatitis C, AIDS and polio—groundlessly instilled panic in the public. (You might think that the latest “coronavirus” should make the list. If so, you are right. A new edition of the book, just released, includes the coronavirus among the baseless crises used to manipulate the public and make money in the process.) Take the AIDS scare as an example. The authors point to its beginnings, describing how in the early 1980s, a scientist from the University of California named Michael Gottlieb identified five severely ill young homosexual men who had a pulmonary condition rarely seen in their age bracket. There were a number of factors that in all likelihood compromised the men’s immune system and made them vulnerable to pneumonia, including the nitrite inhalants (known as “poppers”) and other recreational drugs that were extremely popular in the early 1980s gay scene. But Gottlieb and other researchers overlooked these other factors, instead hurrying to search for a “virus” that could be causing the men’s condition. Apparently, many in the medical community were thrilled about the possibility of a new disease on the horizon. The eventual head of the CDC’s HIV/AIDS division, James Curran, reportedly exclaimed “Hot stuff, hot stuff!” at the time. Then the conjectures and fear-mongering began in earnest. Scientists were on the lookout for clusters of people exhibiting the same symptoms, eager to pin the blame on a new contagious disease. Discussion of nutrition patterns or other lifestyle choices was off the table (then as now). Instead, pinning the health crisis on a culprit that appeared to be out of our control was helpful in achieving the desired result: public fear and compliance, and profits through a medical protocol backed by experts. Sound familiar?

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Dear Mr. Johnson: I consider it wholly inappropriate to find a conserva­tive leader claim at the United Nations that consumer choice and personal sovereignty have a negative impact on the development of any technology or product. How come all conservatives agree that personal consumer choice in, say, shoes and socks or bread is the very force, nonexistent in the Soviet Union, that drives innovation, yet somehow, if we remove these things and agree with Karl Marx with regards to vaccination, that it will somehow result in techno­logical innovation?
Conservative voters will not accept the doublethink in this speech, which claims that repression, censorship and control and an Orwellian state are repulsive in the areas where our dear leader seeks liberty, but not in those that he seeks to repress…
Surely, it is by government step­ping out of the way, forcing the pharma­ceutical industry to have to engage their marketing departments with those who have concerns about their products, be it vaccines, thalidomide, socks and shoes or loaves of bread, that we can allow Adam Smith’s invisible hand and not the whip hand and boot of govern­ment to drive technological innovation?
If you genuinely believe in vacci­nation, you should focus on persuasion, debate, possibly reverse psychology and certainly free-market principles, not the Orwellian boot-on-the-face that you re­jected on the one hand, supported on the other. If you continue to demonize sov­ereign individuals for their consumer choice in regards to medical products, you transfer the debate from whether these are good products to a matter of principle about personal choice. This is not the sort of debate that is easily won against the British, who tend to reject tyranny in principle regardless of its intention.

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Best-selling writers Mikovits and Heckenlively, authors of Plague of Corruption (see review, page 59), have done us a favor with this timely little book, in which they compile the scientific findings against mask use. Even if you believe that the current wave of illness is caused by a virus, making everyone wear a mask makes no sense at all.

Did you know that OSHA regulations oppose the routine use of masks except under certain circumstances, and then only with proper training? If you are breathing into a cloth mask, you will soon be breathing high levels of carbon dioxide, leading to a condition called hypercapnia (carbon dioxide toxicity). Symptoms include headache, vertigo, double vision, an inability to concentrate, tinnitus, seizures and suffocation. For people suffering from asthma or COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), face masks are intolerable. Even for healthy people, the lowered oxygen intake may actually make them more susceptible to Covid-19, because lack of oxygen can lower the functioning of our immune systems.

Moreover, most masks do not provide protection against particulate matter, and certainly not against tiny microorganisms. They do not provide a good face seal (if they did, you would suffocate in short order), and breathing on others is not likely to spread “viruses” anyway. And the inside part of the mask may harbor the build-up of pathogens (or create conditions where normally benign organisms become pathogenic).

While this book comes squarely from the point of view that viruses exist and cause disease, for beginners it is a good way to convince them of the futility of mask wearing without getting into more esoteric discussions. I highly recommend this little volume to give to frightened friends and relatives. Thumbs up.