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RE: A Year After George Floyd’s Killing, White Support for Black Lives Matter Fades

(Scooby Doo)
I always believed Derek Chauvin should have a big statue of him right in the heart of Minneapolis! Floyd was a 100% thug and criminal who would have robbed raped or killed again had he lived! And probably a WHITE person!

Incredible cucked numbers not even seen in the third world,it is time for Murrka to leave the planet and stop embarassing everybody.

Americans have race fatigue. They're sick unto death of black marches, blocking traffic, riots, black criminality, complaining and blaming Whitey, maligning Western Civilization, and hating America.

I am exausted and don t even live in America.

(No Thanks)

I am constantly amazed the way blacks don’t care about the hundreds of black-on-blacks shootings that happen every week

But are still dwelling on the one accidental death of George Floyd a year later.

I’m amazed that naive Whites like you are amazed.

1. Blacks don’t care about others. They have no idea where their children are and what they are doing at 2:00am. They only care when a White cop is involved. So why on earth would they care about a stranger if there is nothing in it for them?

2. George Floyd is a money grab. They don’t give a care about him.


I have never heard any message of thanks or appreciation of "white allies" from black people. It's always more complaints and how they aren't doing it right and how they need to do more. Nothing is never enough.

Have they thanked us for the million white men that died during the Civil War or thanked the abolitionists? Have they apologized for the French they killed in Haiti in 1804?



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