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The "STOP TOXIC CLIMATE ENGINEERING" banner deployed on my front porch is holding its own against the climate engineers' wind machine. The toxic chemical ice nucleated engineered cool down hangs bright white in the air in Northwest Ohio, obliterating the sun and stars from view, while the horizon to horizon nano-particulate trails appear less often, accompanied by rising temperatures and preceding weather systems. It rains often, sometimes so fine its barely visible and other times in a deluge or for days at a time. It "snowed" a couple inches in early October at nearly 38°F which lingered anomalously for days despite warmer temperatures, and seemed to evaporate more than melt.

When giving someone a flyer or a booklet I ask them to do their own research like I did eight years ago, and decide what's the right thing to do; speak up, help raise awareness and do their part, or pretend its not happening like our government and remain silent. Thank you to all my fellow weather warriors out there for doing your part in exposing the climate engineering insanity.

BlueSue #conspiracy geoengineeringwatch.org

Hello Paul in Minnesota, as you mention, your state’s extremely frigid temps were about 60 degrees colder that what it was here where I live in (relatively balmy) Alaska yesterday – damn strange I’d say! It is horribly disturbing to know that you folks are being chemically and electromagnetically freezer-burnt as you describe, but I can relate to what you say from experience. In contrast, here yesterday, our local area had a dense “cloud” of “fog” envelope everything (at about 33 degrees F) that was of course sprayed and laid upon us during the night continuing the effect of our artificial warmth. With considerable anxiety do I ever draw a breath out of doors anymore, especially when it’s so in your face, and you can literally, see, smell, and taste the toxic air.

Our friend Dominic, the plant pathologist, describes here the truth concerning the plague upon our trees. And the “disease” attributed to the particular pest (spruce beetle, et al) is a symptom of the sinister biochemical/electromagnetic assault upon life, our precious trees being the guardians of our ecosystems. Sadly I doubt that there are any pristine places left on this planet. Alaska is one of the few states where maybe something close to “pristine” may still be sought, if not found. It is still relatively heavily wooded in my hometown except where clusters of commercial buildings and dense neighborhoods exist. But everywhere you look, the trees appear pathetically sick or dead — leaning, fallen, or most of those still standing with branches and bark over-encrusted with lichen or black fungi or similar signs of decline. The once thick stands of evergreens are no longer vibrant dark green, but now are heavily spoilt with rusty-brown hues – the shade of dead spruce trees. Our once brilliant blue skies of cold winter days are most often an ugly milky gray like everywhere else these in these unnatural times. This one-minute video shows a horizon scene so very like what I see here in Alaska each morning or evening – with the perpetrators obviously doing their evil deeds. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Bg8eM6CDec

“The question is whether any civilization can wage relentless war on life without destroying itself, and without loosing the right to be called civilized.”

And another quote, also, from the same exceptionally wise woman who saw the truth long before most of us:Rachel Carson, author of Silent Spring.

“Those who contemplate the beauty of the Earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts.

Dale K #conspiracy geoengineeringwatch.org

So many of us Baby Boomers and our parents successfully survived measles and all these childhood diseases without vaccines without incurring any lasting, adverse effects. Today's goal to totally eradicate all these innocuous afflictions using vaccines is worse than the disease.

Supreme Court rules vaccines are unavoidably unsafe
The Hutchinson News
Sep 22, 2016

The article by Ariana Cha exemplified what pharmaceutical companies love to parade. Basically, be afraid of measles, mumps and chicken pox, but vaccines are totally safe. Don’t trust the “fraudulent” Andrew Wakefield.

The Supreme Court has ruled vaccines are “unavoidably unsafe.” Vaccines contain mercury, formaldehyde, aluminum, polysorbate 80, cell lines from aborted fetuses, tissue from hamsters, dog kidneys, monkeys, peanut oil adjuvants and much more. Would you put this in your child’s orange juice? No! Allowing hazardous material injections into their children’s bloodstreams has caused untold grief for tens of thousands of parents.

Diane Friday #conspiracy geoengineeringwatch.org

Today’s fake snow has been created from that same engineered “Winter Storm Xanto”, which has been kept spinning counterclockwise over first all of the Great Lakes, now lingering over Lake Erie and Lake Ontario. I’ve seen it happening in real time on Intellicast, heard the build up to it in the incessant and ungodly loud frequency tones in my head, smelled the sickening chemical ice nucleation smell, and felt it in the painful fake cold it produces. I’ve said it’s like walking outside and getting hit in the face with a piece of frozen sheet metal. And it won’t stop. I’m certain of this. Not this month, not next month, and there simply won’t be a summer. I don’t know what’s going to be done to be able to explain high temps 20 or 30 degrees below normal in June, July, and August, but “they” will do whatever it takes to make it believable. Last year, three consecutive days of 90 or 90+ degrees were allowed in June. That’s what has to happen for it to be declared a heat wave. And the spineless, sock puppet, order following weather readers used that term to death the rest of the summer, when days that could be called “hot” were far fewer than used to be the norm for PA.

I’ve thought about why this is happening. Why the never-ending winter in the northeast, upper Midwest, and some of the Plains states. As the pieces of the puzzle start to fall into place more every day, there are two main reasons I can think of: (1) This chemical ice nucleation crap is, as you’ve outlined, highly toxic. It’s tearing up the mucosal tissue in my body. My mouth, tongue, throat, esophagus, stomach, and bladder are perpetually irritated and painful. It’s eroding the enamel on my teeth. I can no longer afford preventative dental care, so any teeth where there was the slightest bit of decay have fallen apart or are falling apart from the gum line. Molars only, so far. (Interesting that Crest now makes a gum detoxifying toothpaste, fluoride included, of course). I take very good care of my teeth because I can’t afford preventative care, but it doesn’t matter anymore. My stomach is a disaster. I would go for an upper GI scope if they would agree to culture the biopsy of the stomach lining, but that’ll never happen. That being said, I can only extrapolate that the primary reason for this latest overt assault goes toward culling the population. That the northeast and upper Midwest seem to be the preferred targets, given the density of the populations in these areas, that piece of the puzzle seems to fit. (2) Farming. Food. This is planting season for so many crops, but just like last year and the year before, spring has been canceled. It’s too cold, or too wet, and almost always overcast the entire length of spring. Without exception, this year especially, the only time it’s allowed to warm up to where it clearly wants to be, even though those temps are higher than normal, is the day or day and a half before multiple days of rain, cold, and gloom are scheduled. Anyone who doesn’t know this is being done intentionally has to be picking up this pattern subconsciously, thereby making it difficult to be able to enjoy those rare “nice” days. It doesn’t stop. I would say the ice nucleation goes on here at least nine months out of the year. That, combined with jet stream manipulation and HAARP winds always from the NNW, even on the hottest days, have made for short, wholly abnormal summers here for years. So, any private, family farms that still exist will suffer again this year, more so than last year and the year before. Even people who have enough property to grow produce they can sell at farmers markets and roadside stands for a little extra income will have less this year than ever. Starve ‘em out.

Paul Vonharnish #conspiracy geoengineeringwatch.org

It was -37 F (that's below 0) in Northeastern Minnesota the morning of January 30. Ground surface temperatures were well below reported temps in Alaska. Anything strange about that?

I've lived in Minnesota my entire life (so not a weather wimp) but have never experienced frost burns on my face with just over ten minutes of exposure. Chemical nucleation is being combined with pulsed ELF radio frequency modulations. I can hear and feel HAARP/SBX manipulations every time they come on line. Deleterious physical responses are being reported all over the web.

HAARP/SBX emissions affect all species who utilize magnetite crystals for polar field orientation. > I read this paper shortly after its initial release in 2001.

A scientific study “Magnetite-based magneto reception 2001” affirms the “sensitivity to electric fields and their role in navigation across wide range of species.” Please read: http://www.gps.caltech.edu/~jkirschvink/pdfs/COINS.pdf 

Then review this page: The Disappearing Bees: CCD and Electromagnetic Radiation – UK Indymediae https://www.indymedia.org.uk/en/2008/02/392060.html

These "experimental" transmitters need to be Permanently shut down, and their designers and operators imprisoned for life…

Dane Wigington #conspiracy geoengineeringwatch.org

Mainstream media covered the fact that Chinese scientists are engineering snowstorms, are we to believe that the US government and others aren't doing the same?

The US military is as large as the next 10 largest militaries combined, thus they have the ability to carry out climate engineering (weather warfare) operations on the largest scale by far. Not only have US military commanders stated that the disintegrating climate is the greatest national security threat, they have long since stated their objective of "owning the weather". Are we to believe that our government would ask our permission before deploying climate engineering operations? In fact, our government's own documents prove climate engineering has been ongoing for decades. The “departure from normal high temperature” map below (from Dec 29, 2017) clearly revealed where surface temperatures were cold, and where they were not.

In order to engineer an end of year cool-down for parts of the US and Canada, the flow of moisture from the Pacific (that was until recently directed completely around California) was chemically nucleated by the climate engineers. What happens when these endothermic reacting materials rain down on far above freezing bodies of water like Lake Michigan? (the majority of Lake Michigan is still at nearly 45 degrees F) Perfectly spherical ice balls form and start washing up on shorelines. The chemical nucleating elements form a nucleus around which ice continues to form.

How about all that temporary ice along the US East Coast which the media did their best to sensationalize? Did anyone bother to check the ocean temperatures?

Why is so much ice forming on ocean waters that are 40 degrees F or higher? This fact should also be remembered and considered, sea water does not freeze until it reaches 28.4 degrees F. “Slush Waves” were also recorded along the coast near Boston, why are no official sources questioning this? Why are no official sources offering any reasonable explanations for such a phenomenon when ocean temperatures are 40 degrees F or higher? The answer is because they are not allowed to tell the truth. The illegal federal gag order on all National Weather Service (NWS) and all National Oceanic and Atmospheric (NOAA) employees should be a glaring red flag. Surface ice storms are also now a constant threat due to the chemical ice nucleating elements reaching the surface before solidifying.

How warm is the East Coast scheduled to get after the engineered weather whiplash cool-down passes? The “departure from normal high temperature” map below paints a shocking picture of East Coast warmth (in close proximity to a chemically nucleated cold zone in the center of the US) that was scheduled to follow on the heals of the media hyped (and completely engineered) “winter storms”. Will the geoengineers be able to alter the outcome of this "forecast" with yet another engineered cooldown? Winter storm “Hunter” is the next theatrically named creation of the climate engineers that will follow the temporary weather whiplash warm-up.

The top 3 superpowers (USA, China, and Russia) have the largest militaries, and thus the greatest ability to effect the climate with their ongoing chemical ice nucleation cool-down operations. It is important to remember and consider that the majority of nations are either actively or passively participating in the global climate intervention programs. Comparing the more recent scheduled temperature anomaly forecast map below with the map shown earlier in this post reveals a number of profound weather whiplash changes occurring in the space of only a few days. Greenland has gone from far below normal surface temperatures back to far above normal temperatures, the eastern US has done the same. Conversely, portions of Russia and China have done the opposite, going from far above normal to below normal. The geoengineered winter weather whiplash scenarios will continue to worsen rapidly, patented chemical ice nucleation processes are a primary factor. It must be remembered and considered that all "predictions" (scheduled weather) are in a state of constant flux. So much depends on what the climate engineers choose to do (or not to do) at any given window of time.

Dane Wigington #conspiracy geoengineeringwatch.org

Winter storm “Juno” is here, and it is engineered from top to bottom. The weather event that is unfolding on the East Coast of the US is a completely manipulated monstrosity. The total desperation of the power structure and the climate engineers is so very evident as they throw everything they have at the creation of a “winter storm” which is meteorologically as unnatural as it could possibly be. Snow now generally has nothing to do with elevation, rather, the “heavy wet snow” is focused where most of the moisture is. Massive amounts of moisture are necessary for the chemical ice nucleation process which transforms what should have been rain into snow due to the endothermic reaction it induces. This also lowers the temperatures on the ground as the more dense chemically cooled air (created from the nucleation process) sinks to ground level. The layer of cold air is very shallow, but it does lower the temperatures enough to produce the desired headlines.

Winter Storm Juno is a product of intense climate engineering efforts. What is the goal? To create headlines, confusion, and distraction from what is rapidly unfolding on the bigger picture.

Dane Wigington #conspiracy geoengineeringwatch.org

100,000 Cattle Die in Engineered Storm on October 4th, 2013

The article “Engineered Snow Storms Begin Again” , was posted as the geoengineered snow storm over South Dakota was just unfolding. As shown with weather maps in the article, the temperatures all around this “winter storm” were not just above freezing, but extremely warm. Regions near SD were in the 85 degree range. Snow began falling in many areas of this “storm” at temps into the high 40s.

If you view the video in the article linked at the bottom of this comment, you will see that many areas littered with dead cattle have no snow left at all, just dead cows.

The Weather Channel theatrically named this storm “Atlas”. This storm was as unprecedented as it was unnatural. The massive water content of chemically nucleated snow makes it as heavy as concrete.


In addition to the cows being trapped in the “concrete snow”, the “endothermic” reaction in chemically nucleated snow would likely make for temporarily extremely cold snow/ice temperatures in spite of the warmer air temperatures in this “storm”. (Endothermic reaction from barium and ammonium can drop temps almost 100 degrees as shown in youtube video in original “Engineered Snow Storms Begin Again” article below.

Though this effect is not long lasting as one can see by the now almost snow free South Dakota, for the cows temporarily trapped in this concrete chemically reactive snow, it was more than enough to kill them. The adhesive characteristics of the unnaturally nucleated snow was also likely a factor, cows will not breath through their mouth even when suffocating. If their nostrils clog, they will die.

I contacted the South Dakota Ranchers association and tried to pass on data about geoengineering and weather modification to them. The representative I reached was not receptive as she felt “our government would never modify the weather”.

Dane Wigington #conspiracy geoengineeringwatch.org

Planet Earth is being forced into an abrupt climate shift, the ongoing global climate engineering operations are further fueling the overall process. The combination satellite / radar image below reveals an extremely anomalous and alarming scenario: a massive, bizarre, and completely unnatural, straight, south to north flow of tropical moisture from the record warm waters of the Caribbean.

Again, the unprecedented scenario shown in the image above is warm tropical moisture which became a record breaking snowstorm as it reached the Great Lakes region. How is this possible? Massive climate engineering operations utilizing patented processes of chemical ice nucleation are at the core of this phenomenon.

Animations in the 40 second video further reveal the anomalous nature of this flow of moisture, which fueled the theatrically named “Winter Storm Xanto”.

Dane Wigington #conspiracy geoengineeringwatch.org

The US mainstream media is a criminal collaborator and contributor to the totally tyrannical and completely out of control military industrial complex. Their lies also include deceptions of total omission. What else is happening in Syria (and all over the world) that mainstream media has never said a word about? An incomprehensibly massive and unimaginably destructive global climate engineering/weather warfare assault that must also be considered biological warfare due to the highly toxic fallout from these programs.

Chemical weapons false flag attacks are not the only toxic activity being carried out in Syria by those in power. The photo below of the skies over Hama, Syria, was taken on the same day as the false flag chemical attack, April 4th, 2017.


David #fundie geoengineeringwatch.org

It is extremely stupid to blame anyone company or organization for the pollution of our planet unless it's [Satan.inc}, when after all it mainly is" you" that is irresponsible. The main cause for all this geo-panic is (Self), (Godlessness), (disobedience) of God, plus the internal combustion engine, Your gas furnaces and gas water heaters not to exclude the other countless gas powered machines. There's one thing that all these death machines have in common "FIRE" this or any fire must be contained with-in it's self. What most people fail to understand is that it is their own sin that is causing this self genocide. God has given the people prosperity over the last several hundred years to overcome this death by fire syndrome and what have they done?. Wasted it on our selves. Scripture warns that the world will be destroyed by fire, This deadly force must be controlled. You are up against a powerful evil, Remember the real problem is "YOU". It's quite simple, eliminate self, live for God and most problems go away. The planet doesn't need fixed 'You do. Brought too you by (K.I.S.S) – keep it simple stupid. ps. If you so death you reap death, this is the law! Granted life can never be 100% but we can be 99.99999999, Make it so, and be a good Stuart.

Barb E #conspiracy geoengineeringwatch.org

Yes the weathermakers are at it again. They ruined Thanksgiving travel with heavy rains, now they'll ruin Christmas travel with man-made snow. I know they are nucleating like crazy as their ice cold air settles to the ground. The floors in the house are so cold I can barely stand it and can't afford to keep jacking up the heat to avoid icy feet. I bought Heat Holder socks and Minnetonka real sheepskin lined slippers but the ground/floors are so cold they don't help much once the sun goes down. So here we sit in New Hampshire waiting to see what "Dylan" brings us for Christmas. This is getting beyond ridiculous. The wildlife is disappearing at an alarming rate, I am a bird watcher trying to participate in the Christmas Bird Count, not many to count this year. Since summer they've all seemed to just disappear! Plenty of food for the birds in the woods they say which is why they're not coming to feeders. Well, there isn't any food in the woods now – so where are the birds? I suspect they've perished and won't be back. We have four seasons alright Burning, Freezing, Starving and Dark all thanks to this weather warfare!

marc #conspiracy geoengineeringwatch.org

I am 64 years old. That's more than old enough to remember how weather used to be back, say, 40-50 years ago. EVERYTHING about our weather now feels "synthetic". Nothing that happens with the weather, no matter where in the country I am, feels right. Yet, this evolution has been just gradual enough to have succeeded in hoodwinking a gigantic segment of the American people into thinking what we all experience now is the "new normal". And for the younger folks they've never known the weather as people my age and older have. This is not a boast of any kind. It's just a fact, that's all.

As a kid and teenager I always marveled at the weather. Storms in particular used to astound me. Thunder, lightning, torrential rains, the unbelievable smell of the air after a walloping Midwestern thunderstorm. The way thunder used to sound had a range of tonalities I haven't heard in almost 20 years or more. The onset, the crack, the duration, the lingering rumble. Lightning and thunder are relatively rare here in Arizona, as it was becoming back in Missouri when I moved away from there. Storm fronts in Missouri used to be quite spectacular…..everything was different, everything FELT different.

The sun… well…..all I can say is: if most people CAN'T SEE that the appearance of our sun, AND the feel of it's rays has profoundly changed in only a decade or so, then the grip of distraction and stupidity is greater than I thought possible. Again…everything looks and feels different: clouds, storms, the white sun, the UV, even relative humidity can engage in wild swings one way or the other. It truly, truly feels like some diabolical entity is intentionally terra-forming our entire, once breathtakingly magnificent planet into a kind of dead zone. And indeed, we have all come to find out that this is terrifyingly close to the truth of the matter. And yes, I accept responsibility for my own role in contributing to my carbon footprint BUT, I will not accept responsibility for the deplorable, irresponsible criminality of countless corporations whose lust for profits has trampled all other considerations, including sustainability, environmental health, worker's rights, etc. And for the deep surveillance-state goons who have systematically crushed any private, non-corporate technological innovations that might have stood a chance of threatening the supremacy of oil, nuclear and coal, including the withholding of free-energy technology (which absolutely does exist) I pose this question: After the collapse, which you yourselves played a key role in bringing on, will you finally accept responsibility for what you've done before you die? Whether or not Chief Seattle really did say the following words may be of secondary importance. But they are of supreme relevance here. "Man did not weave this web of life. He is merely a strand in it. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself." Cliched? Yes. But wise, nonetheless? Yes.

horsegirl #conspiracy geoengineeringwatch.org

We've both had the experience of hearing a tiny rhythmic sqeaking of one of the kittens in the quiet of our bedroom, only to realize it is our lungs. Three for three. Third poisoning in three months since the turn of the year. Most might call it a flu but we have had our eye on doings in Douglas, Arizona, the tiny northern tip of large Mexican city Agua Prieta, Sonora, distinct day and night under an otherwise "blue sky" for the creamy pall over the population base. On "clear" days Douglas always sports a whitish pall of nanoparticulate filth which won't move an inch in 90 mph wind. Traveling the highway home eastward from Bisbee entering the valley brings powerful pressure to the head and the ears once we drive past the GWEN tower encharged with keeping those weapons we can't call clouds held in place. A whitish haboob hangs persistently some twelve miles off to the east over the mass by night, maybe not visible to the people living there but bare naked obvious from our vantage point. Plus the "mad bomber" as hubby calls the very slow-moving, very low pilot on a slow, regular path flying passes from top to bottom over the entire population most nights. Three to four hours of passes along the vertical axis of the area, hairpin turns at the extremes, back and forth along the same flight path. Starts shortly after sundown. This pattern which I reported to all local authorities, none of whom knew of it, finally said by a sheriff's deputy to be the college's night time flight training program (right – planes by day weaving cloverleaf patterns over open desert, while novice pilots traverse the largest population base for fifty miles around all night?). All the ambulances heard on the distant highway, but especially right after dawn when families discover corpses where loved ones slept. It is passing through Douglas where we believe we've been poisoned. Most recently as Donna In AZ and Marc noted, during the perfidious slathering of southern AZ with an aerial assault. As Donna said, you'd see this blue sky raped by strictly straight lines hovering over I-10 like the sky had ruptured. Trails that never fanned out at all. Evidently about surveillance of those traveling that highway, for the covering overhead remains too slender to do a thing about uniform deflection of sunlight. After which the coughing started again (it had totally ceased for us both), him sounding like he smoked numerous packs of cigarettes per day. His lungs sound like a cement mixer when he's got this poisonous reaction, clearing up then after a few days. There's the intestinal thing, to which we've previously been lifelong strangers. Feels like alka seltzer bursting into a fizz from throat to crotch with a UTI. An intermittent queasiness, tiredness, lack of energy and general malaise. A new sense of resignation. Wanting to flee to Mexico, to [one of several locations] where daily observance of infrared satellites and webcams reveal radically less celestial filth than Douglas sports. Douglas is a fright. As if 10,000 cement plants were in operation as the US/Mexican population base is gradually whited out of visibility during otherwise "blue sky" days. I have so many pictures, videos. We only live to get out of this prison state, where McCain has dotted the scenic local moonscape with the swelling economic boon of new prisons popping up everywhere. Nice investment for creeps. We are in a mental prison, just ticking off days until we can leave. Hubby covered the home with bricks last year at this time, both of us enthusiastic to build the home of our dreams. Now he says he couldn't lay up ten bricks. All this report in pleading for prayer from the faithful here. We covet nothing more. To those who scoff at prayer, imagine God even favoring this sole response that the very infirm and aged can muster.

Stuart #conspiracy geoengineeringwatch.org

The U.S, military base on Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean has to be a hotbed of Geoengineering ops. The perfect location to manipulate cyclones and the monsoons which deliver rain to West Africa, India, China and elsewhere. The current cyclone impacting Mozambique may be an Engineered Event.

Spray activity widespread over southern CA this AM as latest storm rolls in from Pacific. Skies were clear last night at 9:00 PM.

Diane Friday #conspiracy geoengineeringwatch.org

It seems "they" have a thing with bringing winter back on weekends specifically, because we're in for it again here starting Friday morning. Lots of HAARP wind gusts will be the first act starting today. Originally, the scheduled high temps for today and tomorrow were to be in the low 60s. They've backpedaled on that, now saying maybe 50s, with the occasional 45 mph wind gusts. Temps will begin falling tomorrow night and, as if on cue, a storm system will move in from northwest to southeast, dumping a couple inches of fake snow as temps again plummet into the 30s. The scheduled weather for the weekend is again for highs in the 20s to low 30s, high winds, teens or lower at night. Looking ahead to next weekend, same thing. Perhaps it's that more people are home on weekends, not stuck inside their workplaces, and therefore more likely to notice the ongoing "theater". Or perhaps these clinically insane controllers just love making weekends as miserable as possible for those who do have the weekend off. Maybe a little of both.

People are noticing, though. They're not as complacent as they used to be. I overheard a brief exchange between a customer and a manager in a local supermarket last week, when the ungodly, unnatural cold was firmly in place. The customer said "If people don't get sick after this, it'll be a miracle." The manager, usually congenial and smiling, replied in a very monotone voice, not smiling, "Everybody is sick."

People are noticing. Waking them up may not be as difficult as the weather manipulation gets more and more blatant, and frequent. I will certainly continue to do my part in that respect.

gene maynard #conspiracy geoengineeringwatch.org

Donald Trump and Putin are both Deep State Assets. Trump appears to be standing against the most organized, well funded, well armed killing machine in the history of the world…yet without harm. One reason he was brought in was to clean up the mess. Root out and dispose of the swamp creatures who have become overexposed to the public. This apparently has been part of the plan all along and marks the time as being short. This will more than likely cause a splintering of government offices and will be bloody. The next step after the clean-up is to round up dissenters. Wars and rumors of wars; distraction…the three main players are all on the same side. Although ultimately the entire world will be at war. Geoengineering is the pearl of the deep state; if it can be stopped all else will fall apart.

Dane Wigington #conspiracy geoengineeringwatch.org

Back to "winter storm Jonas", how engineered is it? Completely. If you don't believe winter storms can be engineered, think again. The power structure controlled "Weather Channel" has been tasked with hyping the manufactured winter weather to the maximum degree possible. One of the ways The Weather Channel accomplishes this is by assigning theatrical names to the engineered winter weather. The 2015-2016 list of "winter storm" names is below.

The beginning of "winter storm Jonas" is documented in the map below. On the so called "warm side" of the "winter storm" there were temperatures in the 70s with a threat of tornados and thunderstorms. Then, heading further into the chemically ice nucleated "winter storm", there is a transition zone where the chemically nucleated materials reach the ground before freezing. These "ice storm" zones have now become the norm due to the constant engineering of "winter weather" events. Still farther into the chemically nucleated "snow storm", a layer of cooler dense air builds in depth (from the cooling endothermic reaction of the nucleating materials), the generally large flakes of "heavy wet snow" begin to form and fall. Thundersnow" is related to the chemical nucleation of warmer convective rain bands that would not have produced frozen precipitation without the artificial/chemical nucleation process. Those that don't believe jet aircraft are spraying in our skies, (as part of the ongoing global climate engineering programs) have simply not objectively investigated. Though the western powers continue to completely deny the ongoing climate engineering, China has openly admitted to engineering snowstorms in the past, though they have since also gone covert with their operations.

The low pressure center and moisture feed for "winter storm Jonas" (shown in the map below) is feeding directly off of record warm oceans. The Weather Channel actors that masquerade as meteorologists are having an ever more difficult time covering the tracks of the geeoengineers. Watching them try to explain away the "warm side" of the "winter storm" (complete with thunderstorms and tornados) is troubling. Weather systems are being chemically ice nucleated all over the globe.

As "Jonas" is migrated north toward its target area, the chemically nucleated "ice storm" zones will expand and likely do significant damage as reflected in the graphic below.

The next forecast map below shows "Jonas" hitting home Saturday morning. With the warm flow of moisture coming off the Atlantic the temperatures along the coast are far above freezing. As outlined earlier, there is an "ice storm" transition zone where the chemical nucleation materials are still reaching the ground before freezing. Further into the "winter storm" (as the chemical nucleating materials are sprayed over the precipitation cells), some cooler air accumulates from the chemically reacting materials and thus facilitates the formation of the "heavy wet snow". The headlines of mass distraction sought by the power structure and the geoengineers are thus achieved. The "snow line" within the engineered winter storms now has little to do with elevation, rather, it is related to a particular side of the "winter storm"(the "warm" or the "cold" side). A word of caution about the chemically nucleated frozen precipitation, don't eat it. Main stream media sources have already sent out a warning against eating the snow, though they won't admit to the most significant source of contamination in the snow, climate engineering fallout.

trish #conspiracy geoengineeringwatch.org

i will never be the same- i think it is time we started using different words for these issues-

instead of contrails or chemtrails– i suggest genocide spray– instead of pilots- i suggest mass murderers-

sometimes being nice and tactful and scientific makes peoples' eyes just glaze over- sometimes the truth has to be told in truer words-

they are killing us all- and destroying our only home–

Laura Kozicki #conspiracy geoengineeringwatch.org

Glutathione is a heavy metal detoxifier made by the human body, but often our bodies can't make enough of it to keep up with moving toxins out of the body. Glutathione can also be administered intravenously by some doctors. Doctors who are knowledgeable with DAN (Defeat Autism Now) protocols should be familiar with intravenous glutathione and heavy metal detoxification in general. Intravenous glutathione has helped my daughter who had been diagnosed with high functioning autism when she was little. It's also helped me greatly when I had a local anesthetic applied for a minor surgery. After the surgery, my body went numb all over and I felt tired and lacking in energy. I think my body couldn't remove the anesthetic, because, like my daughter, I was low in glutathione. After I had intravenous glutathione about a week later, I felt great.

Marc #conspiracy geoengineeringwatch.org

Since most of us now understand that there is no such thing anymore as a "natural" hurricane, much less a "natural" trajectory for such a hurricane, I find myself asking why on f**king earth are these monsters steering Patricia directly into Puerta Vallarta? Are the bets on the Chicago Mercantile derivatives all laid on whether or not Puerta Vallarta will be leveled? Bets, too, on how many billions of dollars of damage done and how many lives lost? I can't f**king believe this!!!! THIS HURRICANE IS BEING STEERED!!! PERIOD!!!! This sucks beyond everything!! These worthless goons at the controls of the sea-based HAARP (SBX) are out there like ultra mad scientists f**king with this hurricane and there ain't a damn thing anybody can do about it. All we can do is watch the horror movie unfold. But why Puerta Vallarta? Is this some Cabalist's idea of a good time on Friday night? Jesus Christ!!!

Rosalie #conspiracy geoengineeringwatch.org

Who's looking out for the rights of the millions of people developing severe environmental sensitivities, resulting in debilitating illnesses from the daily, multi-faceted assaults on our bodies?

All the many, round-the-clock hits to the system, starting with geoengineering, HAARP, frequencies, wifi, cell phones and towers and the horrific 5G, and smart meters, just to name the obvious high-tech offenders.

What if we don't want to be swimming in this toxic soup? Where does a person live when they become so environmentally sensitive?

Solution? A worldwide organization to protect the rights of the environmentally sensitive. Well; that would be all of us. Haha. Many just haven't connected the dots yet, and fill their bodies with meds instead.

I would call this organization ESRO: Environmental Sensitivity Rights Organization. No political ties. Powered by the people. Class action lawsuits. Who's with me?

Adam Coleman #conspiracy geoengineeringwatch.org

I was explaining to a construction crew leader what the planes were doing above as we speak and spraying us with heavy metals and who knows what other…stuff? He reluctantly asked why would they be doing that so I told him and of course I didn't have my tinfoil hat on so he mistook me for just another useless idiot but the gentleman had never heard of physics taking the day off 9/11 so when I showed him and his partner Building 7 two minute orange comparison so for their first time they found out about building 7 and they were stunned. I asked them as I walked away why do you think you never saw this till today? ProPaganDUH media Tell-Lie-Vision has you guys "Programmed" a,d that steel bucket under your backhoe will melt too if you hold a big lighter under it long enough. Deepwater Horizon was a fast fuel fed fire that had all the air, heat and fuel it could gather and still took 36-38 hours to melt into the Gulf.


Dennie #conspiracy geoengineeringwatch.org

Yes, the internet is full of disinformation the purpose of which is designed to confuse, obfuscate, create division and mostly to STALL FOR TIME on the part of the ones hiring the Useful Eedjots who write all the drivel. Like, Osama bin Laden was killed at least TEN times, the last one being mainly the death of the MYTH of bin Laden, complete with burial-at-sea, when he probably quietly died of kidney disease some time late in 2010 in an American military hospital (he was a dialysis patient at Bethesda), then shipped home in ice and was quietly buried somewhere in his own home country.

Earth Angel #conspiracy geoengineeringwatch.org

We've got a real hellish looking tower in a small town just northeast of where I am on the way to Cleveland, Ga. This is the scariest, ugliest giant monstrosity I've seen around and I'd like to contact the town commissioner(s?) and ask them why in the HELL that hideous thing is there??!!! I feel sad for the people in the sweet country homes and farms near it. God only knows what damage it is doing to them and the unfortunate animals living under it. The only way I see to get rid of them is the people installing these horrific electromagnetic instruments of terror must wake up to what they have been duped into being a party to and disassemble them PRONTO!!!!.. How else can we get them down??!

Marie #conspiracy geoengineeringwatch.org

It's such a pity, but when i am outside and breathing the air i feel like i'm from another planet and i cannot breathe in this air. I have been taking to wearing a painters mask when ever i go out in the yard. It's not pleasant at all, but i don't want to breathe in the particulates either especially almost every nite i take the flashlite and look up at it all swirling around madly. It's there in the daytime too, but we can't see it. I have also been holding my breath when i go from the car to the stores. Sometimes i breathe into my sweater sleeve until i get into the store. I don't care if other people see me and if they ask i will tell them the truth. For summer i made a "bandana mask". I folded one, put a flattened out painters mask inside and then fold over. I will hold up to my face when i am walking to the stores. I feel like i can't even breathe the air. 40 yrs ago i was thinking that "they" would poison our water that we drink, but i never imagined in a million yrs that they would be poisoning the very air that we breathe. Very insidious to poison our air!

BaneB #conspiracy geoengineeringwatch.org

I think we are observing a general breakdown of the human immuno system. This is particularly so for the generation born after WW2. The following generations are ever more compromised. The instances of respiratory problems among young(er) people is shocking. Even my little dog has asthma. Autism is now exponential among the newly born. Brain malfunctions are common place. Cancer is beyond epidemic. The air is a cesspool. The water we drink is being poisoned by radiation, fracking, plastics, pharmaceuticals, mining, and compounds of non natural origins of which we know not. In short, our modern industrial/high tech age is slowly killing us off and the natural life support systems that holds us up at the top of the food chain. I have read a number of books on Lyme Disease. The general consensus is the bacterium was genetically engineered at the biological research center, Plum Island. It then, either by accident, or deliberate, was released and spread out from Lyme. One can observe this over a time line and geographically. It is now ubiquitous in the continental US. Lyme Disease is one more in a sad list of emerging diseases produced by bio labs around the US, with the CDC as the epicenter of the perfidy. Add these to polluted drinking water, and toxic air from toxic manufacturing, and the incredible aerosol nano particulates being sprayed over the entire continent, it's a wonder any of us are still viable. I suppose microwave wireless technology ought to be included in the assaults, because we are literally absorbing more of this radio frequency by the day. There is no end to the building of more cell towers, and towers of military and surveillance purposes. What once went through wires directly into a given appliance/application is transferred into the general ether if our atmosphere. Every living creature on earth is absorbing this radiation. Move along folks…nothing to discern here. All is well. Trust us.

Dane Wigington #conspiracy geoengineeringwatch.org

Again, the "experts" tell us that the "ice boulder" phenomenon is a "natural" occurrence. But if this is so, why is there no long term historical record (or pre 1945 photographs) of this phenomenon occurring? There is no such long term record (pre 1945) because the ridiculously uniform "ice boulders" are absolutely not natural. The climate engineeres became very active in the polar regions immediately after the end of WWll, historical data confirms this fact. Again, about the ice anomalies being "natural, the "experts" are simply lying, as they are paid to do. We are all swimming in a sea of lies and deception that is propagated by countless individuals in academia, media, and "official sources", who have completely betrayed humanity in exchange for a paycheck and a pension. When will the population reactivate their sense of sanity and reason? When will the population recognize that our geoengineered skies should not look like they do? When will the population face the fact that steel structure high-rise buildings (building 7 on 911) don't just fall down because of an office furniture fire on the lower floors? And why can't the masses discern that miles of shorelines covered with almost perfectly uniform and symmetrical "ice boulders" is completely unnatural?

ChemwatcherRidgwayCO #conspiracy geoengineeringwatch.org

Massive and nonstop spraying going on daily. Everything from horizon to horizon trails to the little short ones. No one has any clue and thinks these incredibly warm days are just great. This morning with just the right filtered sun I can see the long chemwebs falling. They are everywhere! Sticking to everything!!!! We are screwed. I have given up trying to wake people up in my circles…. No one wants to hear it and ruin their fake little party. Temps are WAY above normal. We usually average 10-20% higher than forcasted. It is always "high near 60" and we get 67. Or "high near 58" and we get 65. Just wait! This weekend is forecasted for a "high near 70"! Can you say 80!?! Since when was a forecast for "a high NEAR a temp"? Makes one think the temp will be lower than the forecast. Tricky weather bastards….

Pedro #conspiracy geoengineeringwatch.org

Yes, Paul. these "persons" are mass murderers and this fact must be UNDERLINED. the criminal powers (of cowardice) behind climate engineering are represented by the same "persons" who are and were responsible by all wars since the napoleonic wars. Only in both world wars, 90,000,000 persons were killed (large majority of them were civilians, and this was a genocide against humanity). Since the 1st WW, these groups responsible by the business of war have killed already at least 120 millions persons. And everything indicates that other major world slaughter is on the way. these are also the "persons" who are and were behind of everything that happened in the World in relation of nuclear "science". these are also the "persons" who are behind of the genocide that is happening in the Middle East right now (which started even before 9/11), and these are also the responsible for the suffering of the Palestinian people, which is lasting for decades.

In fact this is very easy to understand; climate engineering kills Trees and Plankton, and destroys the Ozone. Without Trees, Plankton and Ozone we are doomed. And by the way, for the ones who are not aware of the fact; these "persons" that are behind climate engineering, and other businesses of destruction, are the representatives of the masonic organizations and of the masonic cult. this cult also represents a religion, this "religion" is a satanic cult. killing living things is their main business.

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