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I'm waiting to see that mushroom cloud in Ukraine set off by the mad Russian ruler Putin. I'm also wondering how many of you agnostics and atheists will find god when that fool you voted in to lead us, authorizes the retaliatory use of nukes against us. Oh and where is John Kerry complaining how if Russia uses hukes it will hurt his attempts to rid the planet of pollution.

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Krom, I don't know where you get your info, but why would you be amazed? What specifically is untrue?. Let me throw in some other things:

Do you know it is a federal crime to protest outside a SCOTU's home yet none of those protesters were charged.
Do you know special prosecutor Durhan found that the so called Steele source to inform on Trump and the whole Steele Dossier was made up fantasy? "Durham alleges that it was Dolan, not Russian sources, who gave Danchenko key allegations to put into the Steele dossier, including some of its most salacious claims."
When was the last time you heard about the FBI raiding a Dem home and arresting the occupants?Do you know Hillary should of been arrested under the Espionage Act and Comey didn't arrest her because he didn't think Hillary had any "Intent" to use the classified documents If you buy Comey's statement then I suggest you read the espionage act.
I could do more but you will run to your liberal news sites and think they are correct.

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I'm always amazed of the lefts capacity for justifying their evil using straw man arguments and blaming everyone else for the atrocities they are committing.
-The way they are (medicinally) castrating children to change their gender identity/puberty. Future society will look back at this like we do lobotomy now.
-murder unborn children (Nazis would be proud of this, specially for non-aryan races)
-rioting in the streets in the name of "peaceful blm protests" with pre-delivered piles of bricks to boot!
-attempting and succeeding in propaganda and indoctrination in our school system (another thing nazis are very proud of, socialists as well)
-the various institutions of "reverse-racism" against white people and others such as affirmative action, progressivism, reparations for history no one had part in, wokeism, etc.
-control of the mainstream media and social media with aggressive silencing of any opposing opinions. Nazi germany all the way up to modern communist states love this.
-using government police (FBI) and IRS to harass political opponents and anyone else who supports them.
-politicizing and in some cases allowing to happen, mass shootings in the sole goal of disarming the people so they can more easily exact total control.
-calling your political opposition "deplorable" similar to how the Nazis called other races "Untermenschen" to ease the acceptance of mass genocide of said peoples.
-and most grave in my view, is frauding the presidential election to instill their own dictator over the United States in opposition to the people's vote, justifying it because "the current president is a nazi and he must be removed at any cost".

Those are all I can think of off the top of my head and I am sure there are more. But that should be enough to scare anyone who believes in the US constitution and values of a free society.

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Bussing migrants is the first brilliant political stunt pulled by the Republicans in a long long time.

Listening to the retorts and whining by Democrats is just golden.

"We don't have the infrastructure"...Yea, neither do the southern states.

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So it is okay for the border states to field 10's of thousands of illegals a day but it is a crime to share the pain with a rich sanctuary city like Martha Vineyards ? Didn't know it was also okay to be racist and quickly get the poor sods off the island. And now dim rims like gov Newsom want the DOJ to charge DeSantis for human kidnapping, forgetting of course this was what the Biden Admin was doing only in the dead of night as he bused thousands of illegals to various cities. How the various mayors of dem cities cry foul when illegals are sent to their already crime invested cities.

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I'd be careful with that word 'fool' if I were you. Jesus said that if a man says 'you fool' he deserves to be punished with hellfire.

See, LightWolf is an example of a person who didn't give an immature response. I'll watch the video and explain why the maker of the video is wrong and I'll talk a little bit about "hyperliteralism."

Okay so number 1, flat earthers don't believe in globebuster's model of the sun. The sun can't move faster on some days and slower on other days making some seasons less sunny. It just doesn't make sense. I believe that the model in the book of Enoch is the true model where the sun moves on invisible tracks in the sky and is not affected by gravity.

I haven't checked but I think Globe busters might be a group of shills.

Number 2: The water vapor in the air acts as a convex lens and the suns light doesn't make it across because it is refracted downwards to where it reaches the night sky. There's also a daylight that doesn't come from the sun but it's shut off and is now known as the quantum vacuum.

Globe busters made a big mistake in showing the graphic with the sun opposite the moon all the time like yin and yang, but the moon moves like the sun just slower.

an eclipse happens because the sun and the moon are the same size (about 32 miles wide) and a solar eclipse is when the moon passes over the sun, a lunar eclipse didn't exist in the beginning but there's an invisible object that passes over the moon. The sun does get hotter if you fly towards it but nobody does this, so this guy is right. It's nice how this guy is pleasant when presenting this. The axial tilt of a ball earth doesn't even make sense when you think about it. An area on the ground is still hit with the same radiation. Why would it be cooler?

I think it's safe to say that Globebusters doesn't represent the flat earth community (and neither does the flat earth society). Number 3 proves that they don't know what they're talking about or, more likely, they want to give a nonsensical model of flat earth that just stirs up confusion and dissent.

(It continues like this)

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(Quoting the 14th Amendment)nor shall any State deprive any person of life...without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

I don't see any of these children receiving their equal protection.

Let's say a person is forced against their will to be chained to you. Do you have the right to kill them?

Or, how about we take a trip to the not-so-distant past: These children cannot speak up for themselves, literally. Historically speaking, though they could certainly try literally, people denied civil rights legally could not speak up for themselves in almost every case. Tell me, what side of history do people tend to be on when denying civil rights to people who cannot defend themselves? Consider, for example, the historical south. They were the holdouts over slavery, long after others recognized that your race does not make you any less of a human. Slaveowners asserted they had rights to their slaves, that their slaves had no rights, and ensured that their slaves could not speak up without fear of punishment. One civil war and 13th amendment later, and Jim Crow started. Same thing, except on paper non-whites had some rights that southern states chose to completely ignore anyway.

The only difference now is that those being denied their civil rights physically can't even tell someone their rights are being violated instead of simply being at great risk to do so. The parallels to the racist south do not stack up in favor of the pro-choice movement. At this point I'm just waiting for a national act or constitutional amendment formally protecting unborn rights to complete this part of the story, and protecting the post-born is the next domino in the life movement anyway, much like a paper acceptance of civil rights was the first domino to full civil rights. Much like the pro-desegregation generation is already virtually gone, the solely pro-birth generation is already fading away.

At the end of the day, abortion is a conflict of rights: the mother's right to space and autonomy and the child's right to life. Neither should be infringed, but one has to. You have made it clear whose rights you see as greater, I disagree with that assessment. Citing people who simply assert that these children in fact do not have these civil rights is not going to change this.

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Justice like keeping people locked up for over a year charged with trespass for 01/06 protest? Or not arresting anyone for Portland riots? And just what abuse were BPA committing? If I was in charge I'd have machine gun nests set up along border. Illegal migrant flow would stop without wall building or anything.

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In response to the following post:

Tunnelcat: “Let me see woody. The other day while driving in town a guy in a pickup truck drove by me sporting 2 large flags on a tall rod in back. One of those flags was a Confederate Flag waving in the breeze like it was a banner of pride. Now tell me why African Americans in my town watching this idiot drive by with his giant Confederate ★■◆● you finger shouldn't feel any kind of loathing or hate towards him?”

woodchip: “TC should Caucasians feel safer if they see a BLM flag, would a shop owner whose business was burned to the ground feel safer? It's all in ones perspective.”

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