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The real difference is Biden was never Pres. when he took the documents, so doesn't come under the Presidential powers act. Trump does. Allowing the FBI to search means...squat, and you know it. Again, the espionage should be used against Biden except the Dems are in power and the law does not apply to them.
Also why is Hunter not in jail when Steve Bannon did the same thing and went to jail because of it:

Neo #fundie #sexist #homophobia #conspiracy #dunning-kruger descentbb.net

spammy snopes and their "unbiased" fact checking?

I think the government-controlled news media are allowing some wiggle-room after they noticed that more people want to see if the Palestinians have a genuine concern instead of being straight up anti-Jewish anti-Hebrew Zionist or even antisemitic. Notice I said OR not AND.

Before the conspiracy realists grew in number, if you didn't like feminism you were a male chauvinist pig, if you didn't like homosexuality, you were a homophobe, if you were a Christian and don't like sin, you were from COINTELPRO's Westboro Baptist Church and you're a bigot and forcing your belief system on people.

Tunnelrat is apparently a lesbian who thinks she knows God's creation better than He does. Her sister, who may or may not even exist as a literal person, is a "Christian" who only thinks she knows who are the Lord's sheep and who are just crazy. Either that or Tunnelcat is a COINTELPRO personality bot. >_< You flamed me first so sometimes you have to fight fire with fire.

woodchip #wingnut #conspiracy descentbb.net

(referring to treason and insurrection)

Yes there is a distinction, neither of which has Trump been charged with, let alone convicted of. As to Desantis, yes at one time I was going to vote for him. As time goes by and The Dems make more and more stuff up about Trump, I will vote for him as he is the one to shake things up and put this country back on a even keel.

Neo #racist #conspiracy #fundie descentbb.net

That's not the right definition at all. Zionists are pretty much Babylonian/Phoenician/Canaanite people who pretend to be Jewish and put a group of people who weren't originally Jewish into the land of the Israelites after the Israelites of the Bible were displaced and didn't remember who they were. The Zionists used to be Luciferian but the antichrist betrayed them. The antichrist is referred to as Lucifer in a verse in the Bible.

woodchip #fundie #wingnut #psycho descentbb.net

I'm waiting to see that mushroom cloud in Ukraine set off by the mad Russian ruler Putin. I'm also wondering how many of you agnostics and atheists will find god when that fool you voted in to lead us, authorizes the retaliatory use of nukes against us. Oh and where is John Kerry complaining how if Russia uses hukes it will hurt his attempts to rid the planet of pollution.

woodchip #wingnut descentbb.net

You know TC that more and more black people realize they had it better under Trump. Last major poll was something like 22% in battle ground states. Not gloating, just showing how even black social groups understand that more life under oatmeal brains will put them at a bigger loss. Of course it you want to believe Biden is just peachy, then vote for him

woodchip #racist #wingnut #psycho descentbb.net

I guess you missed my wikipedia link when Jordan took them in. Here's more:
" Most of its targets were Arab politicians, rivals, and activists they felt were soft on the Israeli issue, but Jews, as well as political representatives of Western nations were also targets, especially those involved in the peace process in the Middle East. Notably, ANO enacted a drastically violent policy towards its own members – executing some 600 members and their families in 1987"
Another Wiki link regarding Abu Nidal undoubtably as much adored as Biden and Obama. Keep telling me how we should feel sorry for the children as their parents keep supporting Hamas.

Will Robinson #wingnut #dunning-kruger descentbb.net

Hey Ferno, believe it or not, in my mind, that isn't the only thing one can do to disqualify themselves from being worthy of the job.

If all Trump did to change was to magically never have cozied up to the alt right he wouldn't be any better, at all.
And Joe Biden has never done that as far as I know, and yet he isn't any better than Trump, at all. Both equally unqualified. Once you are unqualified it really is a waste of time to argue that you are unqualified in different ways than the other unqualified person. ergo the use of "practical" in my comment.

Like I said, if you want to fool yourself go at it. It isn't going to shock anyone to see you go at it again, some more.

woodchip #wingnut #conspiracy descentbb.net

Hmm, checks note, yes it was Biden who put the Taliban back in power and gave them 9 billion in military equipment. And checks notes again, The wars lasted decades because Republican and Democratic administrations tried to treat them politically to appease people like you who never served and would be waving the invaders flag when they stepped on our shore in greeting.

woodchip #wingnut #racist #psycho descentbb.net

First I asked the question, "how did the Israeli's miss this and the US". Of course you missed that. Then you should read a history of Gaza:
And then consider why Egypt and Jordan don't want the Palestinian's . After all the attacks by Hamas, can you blame the Israeli's for wanting to wipe the strip clean? And by not doing a proper cleansing, Netanyahu is certainly not enhancing his career. Posturing that you will do some cleansing and then don't , won't get you re-elected

woodchip #homophobia #wingnut #conspiracy descentbb.net

So who lowered the bar to allow drag queens to get in costume and "read" to kids? Or lowered the bar to allow the FBI to put parents on a terrorist watch list. Or think it is a good idea to allow our borders to be open? Or sell our petroleum reserves to foreign countries?. Certainly not conservatives (and rhinos ain't conservative).

woodchip #wingnut #transphobia descentbb.net

While you sit here and only worry if your pro-nouns are correct, evil has once again reared it's malevolent ugly head in the middle east.
Hamas with the backing of Iran, proceeded to slaughter Israeli citizens only because they are Jewish. I sincerely hope Flabby Chick escaped the carnage. I suspect some here applaud Hams and blame Israel. I can only pity you if you think killing the elderly and young simply because of their religion is ok. I do blame the Israeli intelligence for missing the organization and stocking of material by Hamas prior to the attacks launch, as I do blame the US military for not picking up on this. So now we have a 2nd war front while Biden is in charge. Hope you vote for this moron in 24 as then you deserve whatever happens.

woodchip #wingnut #conspiracy descentbb.net

Not confused but maybe you don't remember China's Cultural Revolution where millions were killed:


And now you have Dear Hillary suggesting the same thing:
"Hillary Clinton said Thursday on CNN’s “Primetime” she believed there needed to be a “formal deprogramming of the cult members” who support former President Donald Trump."


So once you start sending people off to re-education camps, how long before the leftist will think it will just be ok to kill them? and you should learn to differentiate between leftist and liberals.

Neo #fundie #conspiracy descentbb.net

(Note: Combined quotes from multiple posts)

I know you can see the planets with a telescope, but like I said, God didn't create them, and therefore they aren't what you think…

History is different than you think. One clue is the 2023 years are actually 283 years…

What part of that do you think doesn't make sense? Jesus did say he's coming soon. 2000+ years doesn't seem like soon as much as 300 years give or take several years or so, does it?

…Revelation was written around 92 AD and then that was the last part of the Bible. All the things about the Catholic Church and so on are fake. Catholicism was created not too long ago.

I'm not verging into solipsism, and I have no ego. >_> What would convince me is if you could land a plane on a ball moving at 1,000 km/h + 107,000 km/h + 792,000 km/h throughout space with only 9.80665 m/s/s acceleration.

Neo #fundie #conspiracy descentbb.net

I already told you the verses in the Bible support flat earth. The "reasons why it doesn't make sense" are contested by reasons it does make sense.

So I made another observation at 6:00 in the morning, and Tebo is right, the sky does move. :) However, I don't think it's supposed to, and I think someone is doing that though and that the sun, moon, and stars are a projection from somewhere. I also think that the daylight that isn't from the sun is shut off, and it's supposed to be just the 'quantum vacuum.' Also, I know where the word planets came from ("wandering stars") but it looks like someone took it literally.

Neo #fundie #homophobia #elitist descentbb.net

Your church taught the wrong thing so you wouldn't want any spiritual gifts. See Joel 2 and 3

Christianity isn't "gay" bashing. People hate us because they hated Jesus too. I don't care about being banned. You just don't want to hear what you don't agree with. If love is love, why are you so rude to Christians?

Neo #fundie #conspiracy #dunning-kruger descentbb.net

There are no such things as aliens, and space is blocked off by the firmament, and real outer space isn't the NASA-style space that you can move through.

You have to understand that there is a lot of misinformation/disinformation put there by people who have no business being a conspiracy realist and also by counter-intelligence agents. Also, there is information about conspiracies that isn't written down anywhere, so few people even know about it.

Tunnelcat, the shadow gov't made all the elite talk "right wing" so that people who are still asleep still fall for the Demoncat/Reptilican shell game. I.e. the Republicans who are in the know decide to be the conspiracy hypocrites while the Democrats play the mainstream hypocrites.

I knew something was wrong at age 9 but I didn't know why until I moved into adulthood... I think around 2008 or so? Unless I forgot the year. I'm not conservative, and I'm not racist. I'm not even white. lol

woodchip #wingnut #dunning-kruger descentbb.net

How many here believe the fire in Maui was caused by man made climate warming like the Dims are now claiming? Well you'd be wrong. It was the electrical company who neglected to turn the grid off under a high wind warning...that and neglecting to clear the brush under the power lines. And the 100 people who died can blame the water Czar who dithered about letting the fire fighters from using extra water to fight the fire. Ain't liberalism grand!

woodchip #wingnut #racist #elitist #conspiracy descentbb.net

Goodhue is what is wrong with America. Burger flippers needed to make 15.00 an hour yet a policeman only make 22.00. Who wants the responsibility of life and death for 22.00? Coupled with the facts Mayors and D.A.'s want to release criminals as soon as they are arrested, can you wonder why their moral is so low. If we are not a country of laws, what are we? Just look at the smash and grab looting taking place. See any convictions taking place? What happens when the stores, including food stores, move out and you have to travel 60 mile. What do you think the ghetto-bangers are going to do. Public transportation don't go that far. Maybe you could offer to give them a ride in your shiny new ev. I'd advise against as I used to drive a school bus for the city projects middle schooler's and I know what they can do. Have fun telling me how your utopia is working out.

woodchip #wingnut #conspiracy descentbb.net

Or it's politics as the Dems are afraid to the bottoms of their quaking shoes that Trump is going to get re-elected and the rotting bag of oatmeal will not get back in. The Dems don't even want RFK jr. to run. The RICO act is just another ploy to stop the process and the prosecutor handling it is about as inept as they come. Like I say, the Dems are simply getting you to think the old pedo:
“In the journal of the daughter of US President Joe Biden , authenticated by the New York Times and the FBI, Ashley Biden describes drug abuse and intrigue, as well as episodes of 'inappropriate' showering with her father, Joe. On the pages of the diary, she also asks herself the question: "Have I been abused?" is really normal and you should vote for him. Appears to be working too.

woodchip #homophobia #conspiracy #wingnut descentbb.net

*Responding to a poster who said that the right wing wants to genocide LGBT people*

Who wants to genocide them? Like you want to do to Christians? Like you are trying to intimidate Trump? And you think having gay porn books in elementary school is somehow a legitimate strategy in making us accept you? Walking naked in parades will endear you to us. Lotsa luck Krommy. Why don't you ban some more people who voice their displeasure.

Neo #conspiracy descentbb.net

I'm not a conspiracy theorist, I'm a conspiracy realist. I don't "believe" the earth is flat, I'm convinced of it because of the evidence and the arguments against globe earth. It makes the globe earth hypothesis look really stupid once you know more about flat earth than what the school teacher or the news reporter says about it (basically nothing). You don't even know what's changing the climate. It's okay, most people don't.

woodchip #wingnut #conspiracy #elitist descentbb.net

Weaponizing like setting a false narrative like Trump colluded with the Russians and kept the Newsies from reporting on Hunter (still think that's old news fernman?) I don't see Bidens houses being raided (his stolen classified documents were taken while he was vice pres...not President). I get that you're smug but the pendulum is swinging the other way. Don't complain if Trump or De Santis gets inn Any questions just read my tag line. But then you prolly don't understand it anyway.

woodchip #wingnut #conspiracy #sexist descentbb.net

First off, while at times I disagree with Will, he is still a far cut above most posters here (and that includes me). Let get to the real. Dems suk when they get in power for too long. Maybe Reps do too as God knows there are enough rhinos out there. But we need a periodic shake up to balance things out or you get things like the DOJ being a party tool used to influence a election...unless you live in a bubble. So abhorrent isn't a abortion? Guess what happens if you murder a pregnant woman ( at least where a prosecutor actually goes by the law)? You get charged with a double murder. Let a doctor do it and all is fine and dandy. Why not make it mandatory for a male or a female to get their tubes tied? Why wait until a doctor has to perform an act of murder?

woodchip #wingnut #conspiracy descentbb.net

Hi Will. Glad to see you are still around. Now here's the real. If found guilt Trump appeals long enough to stay in race to get elected. The he pardons himself of all crimes. Then he ★■◆●-cans every leftist in DOJ and exposes the Bidens for the commie traitor he and his family really are. Peace and prosperity return to America. Amen.

woodchip #racist #conspiracy #wingnut descentbb.net

"Florida State University criminology professor Eric Stewart was a guru of the claim that “systemic racism” infests America’s police and American society.

Now he’s out of a job on account of “extreme negligence” in his research."

I wonder how many "scientists" in the climate crowd are cooking the books just so they can get funding.

tunnelcat #ufo #conspiracy descentbb.net

You should check out a show called: The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch. There's evidence now of a portal that goes to knows where at that place, along with U.A.P.'s and U.F.O.'s. Even the government is now interested. Someone or something is communicating on the 1.6 GHz band and it ain't us.

woodchip #homophobia #transphobia #conspiracy #racist #pratt #wingnut descentbb.net

Wow TC, you trying to paint me into something you want me to be? No, not a Nazis but then I'm not some faggot running around waving his wang in a parade at the kiddies on the sidelines, nor am I a tranny spouting, " we're coming to take your kids". Nor am I a idiotic BLM'er that thinks de-funding the police is a good idea or that abortion rights isn't anything other than murder. Or condone open borders as something to promote child sex slavery. As to Neo Nazis and gun problem goes together is so much horse puckey.

Neo #fundie #conspiracy #dunning-kruger descentbb.net

Note: Neo is Burlyman under a different account, also woodchip is the one being reasonable for a change

Woodchip: As to the flat earther thing, two simple things easily disprove it. Sit on a beach and watch a ship sail away. If earth is flat it will get smaller until it is the size of a dot. If Earth is round the ship will appear to be sinking as it gets further away.
2nd test is get on a plane and fly in a straight line. Do you come to a edge or do you come back to where you started from?

Neo: You're forgetting about atmospheric refraction. Just take a Nikon whatever model camera that people were buying and zoom in and the ship will come right back to you.

As for the airplanes, they don't continue to fly straight because: 1) people might catch on, and 2) they'd eventually crash into the firmament. Some flights are straight lines and they aren't on globe earth. How are you supposed to land a plane on a ball that constantly spins under you? You'd have to keep adjusting and try to land straight on the runway but the earth would keep turning and you'd crash. Flat Earth makes helicopters work the way we see them and it makes vertical take off and landing possible.

Burlyman #fundie #transphobia descentbb.net

I've talked to the Lord and He says it's sin. He would say that they think they know His creation better than He does. He doesn't talk about "opinions." You can be transgender but you'll burn in hell for eternity. Or you could get God's gift of eternal life. Your choice. You all believe in some sort of business-friendly hippie Jesus, and that's not the Jesus I know. I'm not going to alter the gospel to suit sinners.

Burlyman #fundie #conspiracy #racist descentbb.net

Tunnelcat is forgetting that on 9/11 every news agency reported the same thing about their psychotic friends and their own psychopathy and blamed everything on Osama bin Lyin’, one of their own agents, and it’s very easy to disprove the official narrative just like it’s easy to disprove ball earth. Try a laser test. Do something! Lol… don’t just say Satan’s math scheme about a ball is the truth. That part is kinda off topic, but yeah, some people don’t even know that a rogue group within the United States and fake Zionist “Israel” are responsible. (NOT Jewish people) There’s a difference between people who think they are Jewish, the people who were the Israelites in the Bible, and those who say they are Jews but lie (like in the book of Revelation).

woodchip #transphobia #sexist #conspiracy descentbb.net

Far far away. I remember the Feminists being loud and in your face, but no more. Back in the 60's they were burning their bras and going bra-less. Even way before that they were demanding the right to vote. Today they are more than willing to acquiesce to male dominance, lay back and say ★■◆● me. Not a peep out of them when transgenders with male physiology compete against females and utterly dominate them. Considering that there is money to be made like endorsements, I sometimes wonder if these transgenders are really male athletes who failed competing against other males and decided to go where they can win...woman's sports. While I don't have a problem with tranny's, they should really only be allowed to compete against each other.

woodchip #transphobia #conspiracy #wingnut descentbb.net

With all the Woke B.S. going on in schools, both H.S.'s and college, like girls being required to take swim classes and then changing single sex swim class's to include both sexes, gender fluidity indoctrination, males pretending to be make believe girls using female bathroom/locker rooms.
So who is getting on the bandwagon (and I've been wondering when they will become vocal)...the Muslims. I think they been active but just not much has been reported on it. I think a slow shift to morality is taking place. I didn't much care for Muslims, what with beheading's of prisoner and honor killing but now I may become more in tune with them.


woodchip #wingnut #conspiracy descentbb.net

I'm wondering with the revelation that a Biden think tank possessed classified documents, when will we be seeing FBI Sturmtruppen invade Biden's home. I'm not holding my breath in anticipation…

Lets see TC, in Trumps case there were secret service agents guarding the place and the security there was infinitely higher than Biden's documents. Locked closet stored with no security agents around where any chi-com agent could access them. And when Biden grabbed them he was only a vp and not POSTUS. Just to remind you and et al that a pres. can de-classify what ever the hell he wants. and in Bidens case, the National Security Act says you may not posses classified documents no matter what your stated intentions are. Neither does it say anything about number of documents. Interesting you and Ferno are thinking it is a number issue as that is what the libs are pushing.

woodchip #wingnut #conspiracy descentbb.net

Such a big time bozo that when elected mayor of NYC he cleaned up the crime and made NYC a safer city oi live and work in. Can you say that about the city today under the liberal leadership wank jobs they have today? Of course you live in a state that has it's own share of liberal wank job leaders what with the new gun purchasing laws they want. I too am disappointed that Rudy did not show his evidence for election fraud. Still, being dis-barred in NYC, many would take as a badge of honor.

woodchip #wingnut #racist #psycho #conspiracy descentbb.net

The problem is self reliance is no longer taught. How much of the homeless problem is related to drugs free flowing across our boarders. So should the boarder states have sole responsibility for the VP's total lack of ability to handle the problem when assigned the task by the drooling idiot in charge? Should the border states not send illegals somewhere the press will report on it?
As to clothing, why don't you and some of your liberal friends start a nonprofit to get winter clothing to the illegals instead of flapping your gums about how bad the illegals are being treated. An nobody said anything about legally entering this country being looked down on. Oh and besides mg nests, throw a few land mines in the mix. Betcha the problem would be fixed real quick.

woodchip #fundie #dunning-kruger #conspiracy descentbb.net

Any way you parse it TC, you voted in the least capable moron because he was not Trump? And if Trump is being accused of leading a insurrection, then how many of the rioters have been charged with insurrection. Do you know. Let me clue you in...not a dam one. Do you know what the Jan 06 committee really is? Political theater and they sucked you in to believing that there was a insurrection going on. Now you are labeling Christians as fascists, Conservative's as Nazis. Didn't Biden say at on time he was going to be the great unifier ? Looks like quite the opposite. Taxes? Did you ever own a business? Do you know anything about write-offs? how to depreciate assets? I don't think Trump is a expert either, which is why he hires CPA's. So blame them if you do not like how he pays taxes

Now do I think he is a boy scout. No. Can He say dumb things on Twitter. Yes. Compared to Biden, Trump was 10x as effective. And do you know there is a poll somewhere, that if Hunters laptop story wasn't covered up by your liberal press, that 15% of those who voted for Biden wouldn't have. So keep hating TC, I'm sure you'll keep believing the news you hear from the liberal fanatic sources you listen to

woodchip #wingnut #dunning-kruger descentbb.net

And yet you voted in a drooling senior citizen who should clearly be in a old folks home. When Trumps was in office, what was the price of gas? What was inflation? Immigration. War in Ukraine (You think Putin would invade while Trump was in office). The failed withdrawal from Afghanistan. The burning of Portland. I could go on but your hate of Trump trumps all (see what I did there). You could care less what happens to this country especially if the liberals are doing it. Keep listening to the likes of Whoopi Goldberg, I'm sure she'll lead you down a primrose path.

woodchip #wingnut #conspiracy descentbb.net

Now that the dust has settled, what some of you are missing is the house committee chairs are now all in the hand of that slim repub. majority. And that means they set the agenda. So what Ferno calls old news, the Hunter laptop will come front and center and be very much new news...to the point you're going to wonder why he and his father weren't indicted tears ago. It'll all be interesting to see what gets investigated and what falls by the wayside.

woodchip #wingnut #conspiracy #transphobia descentbb.net

Just curious who here approves of pedophilia. I ask because there seems to be more acceptance of it by the left. Examples are the changing of name pedophilia to "minor attracted person" and the taking of kids to drag show. The latest is the manufacture of Bondage Teddy bears by Balenciaga. Don't hear much criticism by such left leaning rags like the New York Times or the Washington Post. I have to wonder why the interest in sexualizing kids? Can't we leave even children alone without trying to manipulate them in the guise of trying to improve their lives. Heaven knows we fucked up enough other things under the same ideology.

mystery2018 #wingnut #psycho #conspiracy descentbb.net

Leftists are such little establishment bootlicking twats these days. Back in the 70s the Weather Underground threw bombs into the Capitol Building. Now you can't even handle a few congressmen cowering under their benches.

Trump told them all to go home in peace anyway. This is on video. Please please get over your delusions. The ★■◆● that's about to be revealed about Biden the retard and his crack smoking son will eclipse any of the made up nonsense you can come up with. Still so angry he beat that criminal witch Hillary.

woodchip #wingnut #dunning-kruger #conspiracy descentbb.net

TC touches on it. First off in the espionage act it quite clearly states that if you are in possession of classified documents you are guilty of a felony. While Mueller gave HC a pass because he didn't think (but didn't know) she intended to use the information that is no excuse as the Act specifically states intent is not to be considered. Trump an the other hand, as POTUS can change the classification of most any documents on his say so alone. I believe he did so. So there it is in a nutshell. HC committed a crime and got let off because she is a Dem, Trump doesn't get let of because he is a Rep.

woodchip #wingnut #conspiracy #psycho descentbb.net

Listening to all the chicken little liberal bemoaning the take over of Twitter by Musk, the world is facing a worse crisis than Putin's threat to use nukes in the Ukraine. Oh the tears! Listen up my liberal friends, you have more to worry about than Elon buying up a social media platform, You have a midterm election coming up and the real bloodbath will be there as the republicans sweep the dems from power. The pendulum is swinging the other way and I hope we don't go to the extreme that they set up another House Un-american activities committee as I remember from the fifties.
If you enjoyed all the crap the left has caused, all I can say is "You ain't seen nothing yet"

woodchip #wingnut #quack #conspiracy descentbb.net

(Topic is titled “the lies of the left”)

So you all think that by getting the covid vaccination, you are helping stop the spread of the virus. Let me point out this little gem:

"The New York state Supreme Court has reinstated all employees who were fired for not being vaccinated, ordering back pay and saying their rights had been violated.

The court found Monday that "being vaccinated does not prevent an individual from contracting or transmitting COVID-19."

So continue believing Dr Faucci or your fav opinion commentator on MSNBC But when the facts were presented in a court of law it all was found to be just so much BS used to control you.

Burlyman #fundie #homophobia #transphobia descentbb.net

I can show you a YouTube video if you want regarding LGBT "love" :)

A preacher who just says the fundamental doctrine of Jesus Christ and gets LGBT people (not all of them) mad and cursing him for having his own opinion (the truth). 9_9

Oh, I forgot, there's another video of a "transgender" (a man) who gets so mad at a GameStop employee for using his correct pronoun but not the one he wanted. He starts kicking things over in the store.

woodchip #wingnut #conspiracy descentbb.net

Krom, I don't know where you get your info, but why would you be amazed? What specifically is untrue?. Let me throw in some other things:

Do you know it is a federal crime to protest outside a SCOTU's home yet none of those protesters were charged.
Do you know special prosecutor Durhan found that the so called Steele source to inform on Trump and the whole Steele Dossier was made up fantasy? "Durham alleges that it was Dolan, not Russian sources, who gave Danchenko key allegations to put into the Steele dossier, including some of its most salacious claims."
When was the last time you heard about the FBI raiding a Dem home and arresting the occupants?Do you know Hillary should of been arrested under the Espionage Act and Comey didn't arrest her because he didn't think Hillary had any "Intent" to use the classified documents If you buy Comey's statement then I suggest you read the espionage act.
I could do more but you will run to your liberal news sites and think they are correct.

Xamindar #wingnut #conspiracy #transphobia #sexist #racist #pratt descentbb.net

I'm always amazed of the lefts capacity for justifying their evil using straw man arguments and blaming everyone else for the atrocities they are committing.
-The way they are (medicinally) castrating children to change their gender identity/puberty. Future society will look back at this like we do lobotomy now.
-murder unborn children (Nazis would be proud of this, specially for non-aryan races)
-rioting in the streets in the name of "peaceful blm protests" with pre-delivered piles of bricks to boot!
-attempting and succeeding in propaganda and indoctrination in our school system (another thing nazis are very proud of, socialists as well)
-the various institutions of "reverse-racism" against white people and others such as affirmative action, progressivism, reparations for history no one had part in, wokeism, etc.
-control of the mainstream media and social media with aggressive silencing of any opposing opinions. Nazi germany all the way up to modern communist states love this.
-using government police (FBI) and IRS to harass political opponents and anyone else who supports them.
-politicizing and in some cases allowing to happen, mass shootings in the sole goal of disarming the people so they can more easily exact total control.
-calling your political opposition "deplorable" similar to how the Nazis called other races "Untermenschen" to ease the acceptance of mass genocide of said peoples.
-and most grave in my view, is frauding the presidential election to instill their own dictator over the United States in opposition to the people's vote, justifying it because "the current president is a nazi and he must be removed at any cost".

Those are all I can think of off the top of my head and I am sure there are more. But that should be enough to scare anyone who believes in the US constitution and values of a free society.