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[RageFuel] "Big dicks hurt me. I prefer an average sized one. TeeHee"

The fact that they know that a big dick hurts means that they have tried one before. Otherwise how would they know that it hurts. Big dicks have always been preferred by women. Every single woman has a fetish for it. If it wasn't loved by women then the question "does size matter" wouldn't even exist. The truth is that every single woman first tries a big dick and by the time she realizes that her vagina is too shallow for it, it is too late. Her hole has already been ruined by Chad's 10+ inch dick. They love the pain. But just to virtue signal they'll go on telling everyone that they prefer an average sized one. JFL.

the bigger the better applies everywhere, height, dick, frame, jaw.

Truer words were never spoken

I was just thinking about how no amount of looks, height can make up for the small dick You as a man cannot be an alpha with a small pecker. It's the worst pill. Very retable quote

Dickpill is the most brutal of all.

Thank you, so true, yet TILL THIS DAY there are dick copers on this forum, spouting shit like they don't like it too big, or size isn't everything, or just don't have micropenis. Ffs just cos a foid gets into a relationship with you and your pathetic 6 inches she ONLY wants Johnny Sins and Mandingo ffs

JFL. People who deny the dickpill are beyond retarded. Exactly. Their first preference will always be a big dick.



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