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So, what exactly is the "more complex story" that the once-venerable AP wire service believes is so important for the public to know? Babbitt was involved in a complicated personal love triangle, had "bad blood" with her husband's ex-wife, faced "numerous misdemeanors" related to a traffic encounter with the ex, and then was—wait for it, it's buried deep down in the article—acquitted by a judge of all the criminal charges.

That's it.

The rest of Biesecker's steaming pile of vile is padded with disgruntled attacks against Babbitt by the still-seething ex-wife, plus extended point-and-sputter condemnations by the "investigative reporter" against Babbitt's ideological stands and internet posts, topped off by resentful references to the fact that President Donald Trump and countless American citizens remain stalwart in their defense of Babbitt's memory.



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