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Clearly, the election was stolen, and both parties are totally ok with that. Yes, indeed, it could spell the end of America as we know it, but that is not certain and probably unlikely. I continue to be amazed at the genius of America’s founders. No matter what happens, it would seem they saw it coming, and a stolen election by a one-party system posing as two is no exception.

The key is the balance of powers and the separation of powers. For example, it is unlikely that all states or counties within states would go along with gun confiscation. Some counties have declared themselves, by law, sanctuaries for 2nd Amendment rights.

A good person can have a slow progression of cancer. If cancer is not diagnosed and treated, it will eventually kill the victim. Donald Trump exposed the cancer. The next four years could be the treatment, and America could end up being better than ever. This is not wishful thinking; it’s reality, and likely.

Regarding the strategy of Donald Trump’s populist movement going forward, the relevant question is evident: should he start a third party or continue to reform the Republican party?

First, due to the voter fraud issue, Trump’s endgame may not be the White House. He may conclude that widely accepted voter fraud will make that improbable for him. His focus may be the balance of power in the House and Senate. However, a third party with the following Trump has could change what the swing states are on the electoral map to states that enforce fair elections. If Trump maintains a following of 70 million-plus, that makes his options significant.



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