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(Part 1)

I was a bad girl that found the light after 40 years. I use to study about serial killers and criminals…being that I was raised pretty much in the streets, I grew up in pretty bad neighborhoods and was flopped around from house to house and went to the shittiest schools which I didn't show up to much. I know about all that gangster street life and other criminal behavior, most of my friends had been to prison for at least 4 years, my first husband just got out a year ago and went In when I was 20 and finally has a relationship with our son… I studied a lot of true crime, as far as religion I practiced some which craft and used Ouija boards even since I was a kid, used to make my own when I was like 13 I liked everything dark and macabre….I was raised Catholic but didn't believe in God for the most part, I blamed God for the sadness of the world, for having to see my little sister get hit by a car when she was 4 and I was 11, I blamed God again when my uncle died, and also just because we were an extremely poor family with 7 kids that were hungry wearing hand me downs and saw violence and way too many funerals at too young an age. I blamed God or decided he didn't exist for 40 years until me and my fiance started Ghost hunting, totally for fun, not believing in much, laughing about it really. Then one night we used a Ouija board in a national park at 3 am and all had gone wrong, the planchet was so fast and told us sick evil things, we jokingly had summoned something evil that played with our minds and had my partner acting not himself at all. He became violent and even his face didn't look the same anymore…the smile in photos were becoming smirks and after a couple weeks the paranormal activity going on made the movies look like a joke…even our car was acting up, the lights on and off and everything electrical was disrupted, and it kept getting worse, the television electrocuted my fiance, no not shocked, electrocuted! The washer and dryer would turn on and off, doors slamming, and eventually my fiance wouldn't get out of bed for 2 weeks, wouldn't allow me to put the light on, felt like he was burning, he went from chaotic and cruel to crying in a corner afraid, it was very real…as a skeptic I can assure you demonic oppression is real, we summoned a real demon, yes, a real demon…



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