Prussian Society of America #ableist #racist #psycho #dunning-kruger

[From "Video: Proof that Most Humans are in love with Mental Illness and Degenerate Life Forms"]

Growing up with an Unknown Syndrome (The Unique and Delightful Ruby)

We are living in the epic pinnacle of history at a time where people who are “Empty Inside”[…]are looking for an external source of “stimulation” or “inspiration” in some cases
This phenomenon is extremely problematic in America, which thrives on supporting, defending and enabling degeneracy and also undesirables everywhere in society, as it fits in line with their “Democratic Values”
They have this urgency to tell almost everyone they meet, indiscrimanately:“YOU are Beautiful!”“YOU are Loved!”

Therefore, you’ll see people and life forms that are beyond questionable and demonic looking, and yet you’ll find endless hordes of these people who are embracing and feeling inspiration and hope for them
At a time when we require many Eugenics Measures applied to actually breed healthy and soulful Human Beings

Television Features like these are a major form of Mind Programming[…]you will notice how they pretend that she is “Beautiful” and that she is a “Human”
The Love for disabled people and exalting them above even Superior or Average Individuals, is a sign of grave weakness, sickness and decay of the Human Condition

In case you were unaware, both parents of this girl are Jewish
Even a droplet of their blood, taints the blood

If you have a keen eye for Proper and Desirable Genetics, you will also recognize that every single Human in the video is Untermenschen!
It is also the same reason that they worship demonic creatures like Stephen Hawking

Anyone who has strong Intuitive Qualities and Perception, can see the evil in this Man’s eyes, and would wish this creature to be put to death!



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