Cassidin #homophobia

[on a family beating up their son for being gay]

First off......... This all sounds and looks so staged - so I don't believe it anyway.....

However..... Someone may not choose how they are - but they choose if they follow how they feel or not. Note I am not making a comment for or against any lifestyle here - just pointing out. Some people are also predisposed to being attracted to children - but not all of these people become predatory paedophiles. Again I am not likening this to being gay, I am just pointing out that people don't always have to follow how they "are". There are times when we are truly grateful when they DON'T follow "who they are".

The other thing that people never seem to pay any attention to is that while someone may have every right to be gay/lesbian/bi/straight/whatever, and to believe that this is totally fine whatever it is.... people often ignore that people also have the right to NOT agree with that. Abusing someone based on their orientation (or any other factor) is never ok, but neither is it ok to abuse people because they do NOT share the commonly accepted view. If this video was not staged, then we have a family that have decided they disagree with homosexuality - and surely they have that right? Everyone has the right to believe as they want to. If you try and remove peoples right to believe how they want to on this subject then all you are doing is abusing people because they want to stand out as different. Isnt that EXACTLY what people complained that gays were doing a few years ago? They were abused for being "different" - so not everyone abuses those that disagree with homosexuality because they do not conform.

You cant have it both ways.... either people are free to form their own opinions or they are not. As for the person saying that the parents should be killed because they do not want their son living with them if he is gay..... I suggest a long look at your priorities.... murder because someone has a different view to you? Ever heard of tolerance? It DOES go both ways you know.

I am not stating my view on this matter - just putting some of the comments into a perspective that is very rarely heard - that people ALL have the right to their own opinions, and if someone's just doesnt happen to agree with the majority that is no reason to be abusive to them. This is somethign that gay rights activists have been fighting for for years. It kind of makes a mockery of it when those very people then start to abuse those against them now they have become more popular.



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