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We warned the vaccines didn't prevent covid. We were right.
We warned the vaccines were causing blood clots. We were right
We warned the vaccines were causing myocarditis. We were right
We warned the vaccines were connected to HIV. We were right.
We warned the vaccines were causing miscarriages. We were right
We warned the vaccines could be traced in breast milk. We were right.

I think it's time people started listening.

@Footdoc we warned the pandemic was fake

@Footdoc 💯
We also warned that vaxxed are 'shedding'.
We also warned they created it in a lab.
We also warned that HCQ and Ivermectin worked.
We also warned there was graphene in it.
We also warned they would use it to control us w 5G.
We also warned they've been planning it for years.

So many warnings.

@Footdoc Shall we discuss shedding? Vaxxers don't want us near them...I certainly don't want them close to me!

@serialsearcher @Footdoc Me, I’d like to see an island for the vaxed, they are the pandemic!
There was never a virus, until the kill shots came out.
‘Yep, there is definitely a man made bio weapon killer virus in those jabs and the sick, dead and disabled are all the proof you need.

@Footdoc add prostate cancer to the list. I know two separate men in their 60s who now have prostate cancer just months after being vaccinated

@Footdoc But you forgot: We were warned that we would be called conspiracy theorist if we warned people about the truth.

@Footdoc This is who was and is behind the scamdemic . Bilderberg, skull and bones men , Council on Foreign relations. They make up 4200 of the world's wealthiest and powerful people on earth. The 7 richest families are Rothchild , Rockefeller , Orsini, Dupont, Carnegie, Bush and UK Royals.Gates, Soros, Clintons, are their henchman .

The Jewish World order-Great-reset Agenda 2030

What do they all have in common. Remember this:

Khazaria is their nationality
Zionsism is their political ideology
Communism is their rule of law
Satanism is their religion

And all roads leads to Rome - the Vatican!!!!!



So were we! You can find all of this, and more, on Fundies Say the Darndest Things!

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