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The Special Military Operation Has Failed, But the War May Start Soon

Since I have a lot of newcomers flooding in to read The Slavland Chronicles for the first time, I thought I’d explain my positions again, just so we’re clear and I don’t get accused of being something that I am not.

I am an unabashed Russia shill. I like Vladimir Putin and I support the Russian military. I believe that the slavic peoples ought to live in one country and no longer be used as cannon fodder against one another by the Jews. I support the integration of Ukraine into the territory of Russia and the reincorporation of Ukrainians into the Pax Russiya. I also believe that the Baltics ought to be taken back, as well as parts of Kazakhstan which were historically settled by Russians.

I do not have any ideology that I wish to promote on this blog. I do not believe in the voodoo teachings of Marx or Moses or Rothbard or even Ann Frank for that matter. In terms of world politics, I am concerned with only one thing, really: a strong, confident, revanchist Russia retaking her rightful place as a serious power on the world arena.

I am not here to sell you on a prefabricated narrative about Russia though. I will tell you the truth as best as I can understand it, and I will bring you the perspectives of the patriotic community in Russia, which by and large are in agreement with my positions. What you are going to hear me say here are the positions of a patriot of Russia who wants Russia to thrive and for the slavic peoples to be freed from the yoke of a foreign and hostile ethnic elite.



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