To koniec #racist #sexist

Why are slav men not desireable? Never got it. Theyre lowinhib aggressive drunk bigsocialnetwork goodlooking turbovlads.

pale features

Slavic and British men are definitly some of the ugliest people I've seen, but nobody ever mentions Balts, which are down there with the bottom of European males alongside Slavs, Finns, and the "white" people in south east Europe.

brutal and worst of worst even here many copers thinks that slav women are good looking while they are faking looks with filters and fake ups, at least british women are also seen as ugly

Retard thread from a lowIQ Slavic coper who thinks he has it the worst because he's not a nordcuck Viking. You would literally kill yourself if you were a curry living in a polluted shithole.

name one slav CEO of western companies, while there are indian ones

True, destroying Iron Curtain was a big mistake for slavlands, that was the only way to keep foids from whoring themselves so they had to breed with their own men

real blackpill for me was that after iron curtain fell countries like poland, czech, hungary, slovenia became cheap workforce for rest of EU. Even bigger was that in 90s rich jews from US porn companies started looking fro 'talents' from East and promosing them a luxiorus life like hollywood stars for doing scenes with niggers. Foids are dumb as bricks and countries like czech and hungary started becoming a porn capitals (poland suprisingly didn't have many pornstars and even biggest polish pornstar now entire life lived in paradise of degeneracy know as america). and heard that many white hookers in western europe are fact a slavs or in german broothels are full of polish, russian women



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