Alexander Iulianus #sexist

Psychical collectivism and hierarchy in women.

The actual utility of women’s twofold social nature can be understood as an instinctual mechanism where women perpetually test the ‘fitness’ of other women by their relentless hierarchising and rejecting. By this process, the women who attain and retain the acclaim of other women will generally be the ‘fittest’, these women typically appealing the most to men. They first privilege the collective, however, and most specifically the collective of women, because the survival of women has long historically relied upon communal cohesion and the human instinct of prioritising the concerns of women over that of men’s.

Rather than presuming that the instinct of privileging the survival and health of women over that of men’s to be present only among men, it is clear that this instinct is universal to both sexes.

Men tend to presume that the mental life of women is like his own, and so selfish acts are thought to be premeditated and deliberate. Women’s self-prioritisation is amoral and often so intimate with her natural behaviour she doesn’t even know herself to be doing it. Hence why when she is accused of being selfish, she is often confused and surprised and will find it hard to comprehend how he came to the conclusion. The question is made coherent when we know the instinct to preserve the female sex is innate to women as well.

So, unlike men who generally are indifferent to generalising remarks because the foundation of their sense of self is individualist, women can take the breaking of any woman’s integrity as being equivalent to breaking her own integrity.



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